Kanan, Ezra and Agent Kallus in Star Wars Rebels Season 3 Episode 10 An Inside Man

Star Wars Rebels: Season 3 Episode 10 (Television Review) – A Great Return to Lothal

There has been some angst among fans of Star Wars Rebels who have been disappointed in the last couple of episodes. This recent disappointment stemmed from the feeling that this season of Rebels had shifted too far away from the main story-lines and, in the process, had stagnated.

Thrawn, Governor Pryce and Agent Kallus in Star Wars Rebels Season 3 Episode 10 An Inside Man

I was not one of these fans as I enjoyed these side-quest episodes for what they were and they were of a much higher quality than similar episodes we received in previous seasons of Rebels. Still, I also believed that we needed to return to the main story-lines in order for the show to progress.

My Thoughts on ‘An Inside Man’

I am happy to say that the most recent episode, titled ‘An Inside Man’, achieves this. Indeed, we returned to Lothal; Ezra’s home planet which has always had an importance in this show. Moreover, we saw characters from previous seasons return such as Ryder Azadi which is a great example of how Rebels connects seemingly inconsequential characters/events to the wider story at play.

The story in this episode involved Ezra and Kanan infiltrating an Imperial factory on Lothal in order to gain intelligence on a new weapon the Empire is developing (No, it’s not the Death Star). However, Grand Admiral Thrawn is also present at this factory and we once again see just how ruthless and calculating he is.

Agent Kallus, Ezra and Kanan in Star Wars Rebels Season 3 Episode 10 An Inside Man

In fact, Thrawn had a huge involvement in a very dark moment in this episode which showed that Rebels can be mature when it wants to be. Thrawn continues to develop as a great villain in Rebels and he is still continuing to let things run its course while he secretly plots the downfall of the fledgling Rebel Alliance.

Development of Agent Kallus

We also got a really interesting development with Agent Kallus who is having a great character arc since ‘The Honorable Ones’ in Season 2. We learnt in this episode that he is one of the many “Fulcrums” who are providing the Rebel Alliance with secret information which really shows us that Kallus is changing as a character and is on the way to deserting the Empire and joining the Rebel Alliance (Unless he dies…).

Another positive aspect of this episode was the great action sequence at the beginning of the episode which shows how far the quality of the animation has come in Rebels. This really added something to an episode which I had no problems with. Overall, this was a very strong episode which sets us up nicely for the mid-season finale which I hope will deliver.

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