Star Wars Rebels Season 3 Episode 14 Warhead

Star Wars Rebels: Season 3 Episode 14 (Television Review) – A Funny Yet Important Episode

Last week’s double-feature of Star Wars Rebels was a great way to start this next run of episodes in Season 3 and this latest episode, titled ‘Warhead’, was very enjoyable but the tone was very different. Certainly, the fact that there was a lot more humour in this episode is evidence of this shift in tone but it made for a really fun episode which I enjoyed from the opening which itself echoed the beginning of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.

What I Liked

Still, the consistent highlights throughout this episode were the interactions between Zeb and AP-5. This whole episode was focused on Zeb and I like it when we get episodes which focus on one or two characters as it gives us a chance to form a deeper connection to them. Additionally, I feel that we have not had a Zeb-centric episode for a while so it was good to see him get some more screen time.

Thrawn and Kallus in Star Wars Rebels Season 3 Episode 14 Warhead

I also believe that AP-5 is an underused gem in Star Wars Rebels. I have liked this character since he was introduced at the end of Season 2 and have been wishing that he was used more in Rebels for a while as he provides some brilliant comedic lines thanks to his dry, monotone delivery. In fact, he is like the Alan Rickman of the Star Wars universe and the back-and-forth between him and Zeb was really entertaining. I hope they use more of AP-5 going forward.

The Importance of ‘Warhead’

It was also good to see Agent Kallus continuing to embrace and enjoy the role of being one of the many “Fulcrum’s” working for the Rebel Alliance. Indeed, he warned Chopper Base about the droids sent to Outer Rim worlds to scout for Rebel activity. This was the primary story of this episode which could have been considered filler if we didn’t have Kallus’ involvement or the end of this episode.

Indeed, the end, which involved Kallus and Thrawn, makes this a very relevant episode going forward as the events of this episode plays into Thrawn’s plans to completely destroy the Rebel Alliance. All of this makes this an episode which, while different in tone to the previous double-feature, gives us a pleasant and refreshing focus on Zeb and AP-5, good humour and important developments in the story going forward in Rebels.

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