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Manchester by the Sea (Film Review) – A Brilliant Film About Depression

Manchester by the Sea is a drama written and directed by Kenneth Lonergan and stars Casey Affleck, Michelle Williams, Kyle Chandler and Lucas Hedges. The plot of the film focuses on Lee Chandler, played by Casey Affleck, who has to look after his sixteen-year-old nephew after the death of his brother while, at the same time, dealing with his tortured past.

My Knowledge and Expectation of Manchester by the Sea

This is a film which has been on my radar for nearly a year. Indeed, it received a lot of praise at last year’s Sundance Film Festival and has been touted as being an Oscar contender for a long time, with Casey Affleck in particular gaining a lot of admiration from critics for his performance. As such, I have been eager to see Manchester by the Sea for quite a while and was certainly expecting that this was going to be a great, powerful film.

Casey Affleck in Manchester by the Sea

My Thoughts on Manchester by the Sea

I was right to think this way. Manchester by the Sea is a brilliant film and this is all down to its emotional story and the fantastic performances the cast gives. Undoubtedly, Casey Affleck gives the best performance of his career. He loses himself in the role and successfully plays a man who seems calm but has a great deal of inner rage and turmoil which, when you find out what he has been through, is understandable. The strength of his performance makes me think that he is a lock for Best Actor at the Oscars.

The supporting cast were also great. Michelle Williams is fantastic in the small role she has with one scene between her and Affleck, in my opinion, assuring her a nomination for Best Supporting Actress at the Oscars. Lucas Hedges was one of my favourite things about this film and I hope he gets a nomination for Best Supporting Actor. His contribution was vital in proving moments of relief through dark humour in this hard-hitting film.

Lucas Hedges and Casey Affleck in Manchester by the Sea

Certainly, Manchester by the Sea showcases a story which successfully portrays emotional withdrawal, depression and the fact that, while you can continue to live after horrific events, some things are too horrible to completely move on from. The film is very affecting in this regard. Yet, as I said, there are moments of relief, especially when Lucas Hedges character was involved.

Overall, the emotional story along with the fantastic performances make Manchester by the Sea a brilliant film which I am sure will get a lot of award nominations at the Oscars. Indeed, it already has quite a few BAFTA nominations and I am pleased it is being recognised for its exceptional quality, especially in acting which does make the film stand out.

11 thoughts on “Manchester by the Sea (Film Review) – A Brilliant Film About Depression”

  1. Definitely one of the movies I want to watch. Its not everyday that a movie comes around with the whole cast gaining critical acclaim. Thanks for the review


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