Star Wars Rebels: Season 3 Episode 19 (Television Review) – Unnecessary Filler

Before this latest episode of Star Wars Rebels, titled ‘Double Agent Droid’, there were only two episodes in Star Wars Rebels that, in my opinion, were not worth watching. The first is Season 1’s ‘Fighter Flight’ and the second is Season 2’s ‘The Call’. To me, they are filler episodes that do not further the story in any way, shape or form and you can skip them without degrading your experience of watching Star Wars Rebels. After this latest episode, there is now a third.

Wedge Antilles and AP-5 in Star Wars Rebels Season 3 Episode 19 Double Agent Droid

The Story of ‘Double Agent Droid’

The story of ‘Double Agent Droid’ focuses on Wedge Antilles, Chopper and AP-5 who infiltrate an Imperial station to steal Imperial codes. But, an Imperial specialist turns the droids against the crew and chaos ensues. Now, I have liked AP-5 since he was first introduced in Season 2 in ‘The Forgotten Droid’.

His interactions with Chopper and the dry delivery of his dialogue which I find to be very funny make him a very underrated character in the show. I like Chopper too and to see these two in their own episode with a legendary character like Wedge Antilles should, on paper, really entertain me.

My Thoughts on ‘Double Agent Droid’

Overall, this episode disappointed me because, in the end, none of the various story arcs within Star Wars Rebels were developed. Nothing happened. There was no character development either and this makes me believe that this episode did not need to be made. Still, I did find moments of it to be funny thanks to AP-5.

AP-5 in Star Wars Rebels Season 3 Episode 19 Double Agent Droid

However, the episode was completely ruined at the end when it turned into a musical (No, I am not joking). My disbelief about what happened was then followed by uncontrollable laughter at just how bad it was. This prequel-esque moment cemented ‘Double Agent Droid’ as one of the weakest episode of Rebels. Along with ‘Fighter Flight’ and ‘The Call’, it is an episode which is not essential viewing and you never need to watch it. I certainly never will again.

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