Daniel Kaluuya in Get Out

Get Out (Film Review) – A Solid Directorial Debut

Get Out is a horror film written, produced and directed by Jordan Peele and stars Allison Williams, Bradley Whitford, Caleb Landry Jones, Catherine Keener, Lil Rel Howery and Daniel Kaluuya. Jordan Peele makes his directorial debut with this film and the story focuses on Chris (Kaluuya) and Rose (Williams), an interracial couple who visit the secluded estate of Rose’s parents. Chris soon finds out that things are not as they seem and the weekend takes a very dark turn.

My Knowledge and Expectation of Get Out

I am usually very open-minded about my genres of film but if there is one genre that I am not a massive fan of, it is horror. Horror is a genre of film that I have not delved deep in to, simply because I do not like scary films as they stress me out to a point that is not at all enjoyable.

LaKeith Stanfield in Get Out

There are exceptions to this rule as I like horror films such as Alien but generally, I avoid horror. Despite this, Get Out intrigued due to the critical acclaim it has received and I was curious to see what Jordan Peele, famous for the sketch series Key and Peele, could do on his directorial debut.

My Thoughts on Get Out

My overall experience with Get Out was pretty good. I found the film to be less of a traditional horror film and more of a thriller with comedic elements. Certainly, suspense is a key tool used by Peele to tell his story and it makes the film engaging without relying too heavily on horror clichés. While there are jump scares, they did not worsen my experience.

The star of Get Out is undoubtedly Jordan Peele. I was really impressed by how much of an accomplished job he did for his directorial debut. In addition to his ability to use suspense very well, I also liked how he shot the film and how he addresses issues such as the various levels of racism prevalent in society today in a very satirical manner. Indeed, there are a lot of amusing moments in the film, most of them coming from Rod (Howery) who was my favourite character in Get Out.

Daniel Kaluuya and Allison Williams in Get Out

These comedic moments were needed in a film which is quite tense throughout and also slowly paced. Because of the slow pacing of Get Out, it is not something that I will be eager to revisit. Still, I would definitely recommend that you watch it as it will evoke some sort of reaction out of you and I feel as though your experience of watching Get Out will stay with you for a while.

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