First Man (Film/Movie Review) – Damien Chazelle’s Worst Film Yet

First Man is a biographical drama directed by Damien Chazelle that is based on the book First Man: The Life of Neil A. Armstrong. The film stars Patrick Fugit, Lukas Haas, Christopher Abbott, Corey Stoll, Ciaran Hinds, Kyle Chandler, Jason Clarke, Claire Foy and Ryan Gosling.

Ryan Gosling plays Neil Armstrong in this movie and the story of First Man focuses on Neil Armstrong in the years leading up to and including the Apollo 11 mission to the Moon in 1969.

My Expectation For First Man

Damien Chazelle has made a real name for himself in the film industry. Indeed, Whiplash, a film I consider to be spectacular, put Chazelle on the map and he followed that up with La La Land which I thought was good but a huge step down from Whiplash and, to be honest, a bit overrated. Still, both of these movies received Oscar nominations and, because of this, anticipation amongst film fans has been high for First Man.

From the trailer, the movie looked visually stunning and the reviews for this film have been very positive. I was eager to see where First Man would rank amongst Whiplash and La La Land as well as concluding whether the hype for this film was earned because First Man is already being touted as a serious contender at the 2019 Oscars in categories such as Best Picture, Best Cinematography, Best Director, Best Actor and Best Actress.

My Thoughts On First Man

I was left extremely underwhelmed by First Man. This film did not click with me at all. Despite some good performances from Ryan Gosling and Claire Foy, great technical elements showcased in the flying sequences and moon landing as well as a decent score by Justin Hurwitz, I was bored throughout due to how unbearably sluggish the pacing was.

For a story as inspirational and historically iconic as the Moon landing, it was so disappointing to see it brought to the screen in such a dull, cold fashion. I did not mind the focus on Neil Armstrong and his underlying recovery from a devastating loss in his family, but I was never engaged to the degree I wanted to be and I have absolutely no intention to ever watch First Man again. For me, this is Damien Chazelle’s weakest film.

Yes, I slightly prefer La La Land to First Man and that film was not one that floored me. Whiplash still remains the movie to beat and I am not confident that First Man will do well at the 2019 Oscars. I can see it getting nominations in technical categories such as sound and effects but nothing more than that in my opinion.

Even at such an early stage in awards season, I am assured in saying that First Man is nowhere near good enough to deserve a Best Picture nomination. Additionally, I have a feeling that I am going to see films with much better direction and acting performances than what I saw in First Man. So, overall, First Man was a disappointing movie when I consider how excited I was to see a film about such a momentous event in human history.

First Man Film Movie Review

Star Wars Resistance: Season 1 Episodes 3 – 4 (Television/TV Review) – An Enjoyable Continuation Of Season 1

Like Star Wars Rebels, Star Wars Resistance began its first season with a great two-part premiere episode in the form of ‘The Recruit’. Going into the third and fourth episode of this first season of Resistance, titled ‘The Triple Dark’ and ‘Fuel for the Fire’, I was hoping that they would be at the same level of quality as ‘The Recruit’.

If they were, then Resistance would do what Rebels could not because the two episodes in Season 1 of Rebels that followed ‘Spark of a Rebellion’ were a real step down.

My Thoughts On Season 1 Episodes 3 – 4 Of Star Wars Resistance

What ‘The Triple Dark’ and ‘Fuel for the Fire’ truly confirmed for me was how Kaz really is more like Ezra than I initially realised. This is in the sense that Kaz is a complete idiot but endearing.

He is impatient, naïve and quite annoying at times but you do root for the guy and, hopefully, seeing Kaz learning and maturing as a person in Resistance like we saw with Ezra in Rebels will be just as compelling of an arc. That was the main takeaway from these two episodes which were enjoyable but not as great as ‘The Recruit’.

Another highlight from ‘The Triple Dark’ included the continuation of seeing a diverse range of aliens that, for me, fleshes out the Star Wars universe. We also heard Kaz’s father being mentioned again after seeing a blurred image of him in ‘The Recruit’.

We know that Kaz’s father is a New Republic Senator but the great mystery about the identity of this man is peaking my interest as to what his importance will be in the story of Resistance before he probably meets his demise with the destruction of Hosnian Prime in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. On a side note, I hope that this is shown in a future episode of Resistance.

‘The Triple Dark’ ended strong with another glimpse of The First Order and our first glimpse of Captain Phasma in Resistance. I then watched ‘Fuel for the Fire’, an episode whose only truly interesting moment came when Kaz, and we as the viewers, learnt more about Yeager’s past.

We find out that he fought as a pilot at the Battle of Jakku and that he also has, or possibly had, a family. Yeager is, for now, my favourite character in this TV show so to learn more about him was great.

My Final Thoughts On Season 1 Episodes 3 – 4 Of Star Wars Resistance

In the end, ‘The Triple Dark’ and ‘Fuel for the Fire’ were enjoyable episodes of Star Wars Resistance that moved this television show forward in different ways even if they never reached the heights of ‘The Recruit’. So far, I like Resistance but I am not madly in love with it but that was the same with Rebels in its first season.

Like Rebels, Resistance has been very light in tone at its beginning and, like Rebels, I expect that to change as the show progresses from season to season. I am looking forward to seeing more of the main story in Resistance, i.e. Kaz spying on The First Order, and I hope that we get away from The Colossus in future episodes to expand the storytelling in Resistance.

Star Wars Resistance Season 1 Episodes 3 - 4 The Triple Dark Fuel for the Fire Review Pin