Star Wars Resistance: Season 1 Episodes 5 – 6 (Television/TV Review) – Entertaining + Important Episodes

After watching ‘The Triple Dark’ and ‘Fuel for the Fire’, ‘The High Tower’ and ‘The Children from Tehar’ were the next episodes of Star Wars Resistance I was able to see. Because the rise of The First Order is a key part of this animated TV show, I wanted to see more of them in these episodes of Resistance.

My Thoughts On Season 1 Episodes 5 – 6 Of Star Wars Resistance

‘The High Tower’ and ‘The Children from Tehar’ were significantly better episodes of Star Wars Resistance than ‘The Triple Dark’ and ‘Fuel for the Fire’. They were just as enjoyable to watch but they were much more important episodes when it came to the main plot. For instance, in ‘The High Tower’, we were introduced to Hype Fazon, a new character in Resistance who is an ace pilot.

The reason his appearance was so important was because it is implied that Hype has bad history with The First Order. Indeed, whenever The First Order is around, Hype wants absolutely nothing to do with them. This could be relevant going forward when it comes to both Hype’s character arc as well as fleshing out The First Order’s burgeoning place in the galaxy at this point in time.

We also learn in ‘The High Tower’ that Hype has history with Tam which means that an interesting character dynamic has also been established in ResistanceCaptain Doza was another new character that was introduced in ‘The High Tower’ and Doza is in charge of The Colossus.

Undoubtedly, he is going to have an important role in Resistance going forward. Indeed, Doza is caught between a rock and a hard place due to the fact that he is being forced to work with The First Order and possibly do a deal with them to protect The Colossus and its citizens from pirate attacks. However, he has no idea that, as we saw in ‘The Triple Dark’, The First Order are the ones who are really behind these attacks.


At the centre of the introduction of Hype Fazon and Captain Doza in ‘The High Tower’ was Kaz who was able to do some real spying for the first time in Star Wars Resistance. But, he eavesdrops on a meeting between The First Order and Captain Doza with pretty terrible results. He nearly gets caught by Stormtroopers and he completely misreads Doza.

Kaz has a suspicion that Doza is the person supplying information to The First Order but it is quite clear that Doza is not the mole Kaz is looking for. It is obvious that Doza does not want to willingly work with The First Order which shows that Kaz still has much to learn about his new role in The Resistance.

Thankfully, in ‘The Children from Tehar’, Kaz gets to make amends for this misinterpretation of Doza and do something meaningful. In this episode, two siblings are fleeing from The First Order after Tehar, their home-world in the Unknown Regions, is occupied and their village destroyed by Kylo Ren.

Links To The Force Awakens + The Last Jedi

The namedrop of Kylo Ren was cool as were the links to Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Indeed, the destruction of the village on Tehar sounded eerily similar to what we saw at Tuanal, the village on Jakku, in the beginning of The Force Awakens. Additionally, what the siblings went through echoes what we learnt in The Last Jedi when it came to what Paige and Rose Tico experienced at the hands of The First Order.

Kaz comes to learn what the siblings have gone through after initially seeking to claim the bounty for them. He successfully protects them from The First Order and, at the end of ‘The Children from Tehar’, Kaz passes on what he has learnt about Kylo Ren and The First Order’s acts on Tehar to The Resistance.

My Final Thoughts On Season 1 Episodes 5 – 6 Of Star Wars Resistance

I thought it was fantastic to see the main story of Star Wars Resistance play as heavily as it did in ‘The High Tower’ and ‘The Children from Tehar’. These two episodes were a marked improvement over ‘The Triple Dark’ and ‘Fuel for the Fire’ and I pray that the upward trend in quality continues because we could be in for a great first season of Star Wars Resistance if this happens.

The only downside of these two episodes was a lack of Yeager. For me, the more of Yeager and The First Order/Resistance conflict we see in Resistance, the better the show is.

Star Wars Resistance Season 1 Episodes 5 - 6 Review The High Tower The Children From Tehar



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