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Film News – Lukas Haas Discusses First Man + Widows

For any actor to be in one film that is in contention for awards is a great achievement. But, to be in two in the same year should be applauded. This has happened for Lukas Haas who has roles in both First Man and Widows. In an interview with Collider, Lukas Haas had the opportunity to speak about being in both of these movies.

First Man + Widows

This is what Lukas Haas said about being in both First Man + Widows:

I actually did Widows first. I think somebody else was cast for that role and had to drop out, for whatever reason, and they were scrambling to find somebody quickly. My manager hit my up and asked me to self-tape, really quickly, that day.”

They were like, ‘You have to send it in now, or it’s gonna be too late.’ So, I called my friend over and they helped me record it with my iPhone. I just read off of the page and sent them a little audition, and I got a call later that day from (director) Steve [McQueen] saying that I got the role.”

And then, I was in Chicago, two weeks later, for filming. It really just happened out of nowhere, and I was there for maybe a week, if that. Everything that I shot was packed into three days.”

And then, First Man was the opposite. I was there for four months, or something like that, and there was a whole process. I got to go to NASA, see everything and ask every question, and we had astronauts escorting us through it.”

We went to not just Florida, but Houston, traveling from NASA to NASA and checking everything out. It was very, very cool. That whole part of the experience was the coolest film field trip that I’ve ever been on, for sure […] It’s just interesting how it took a few days to film one, and months to film the other.”

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