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Film News – Robert De Niro On The Irishman

When a film from a famous director such as Martin Scorsese comes out, it is an event for hardcore movie fans. This was the case with Silence and it is going to be the case once again when it comes to The Irishman. This is a film that sees Martin Scorsese reunite with Harvey Keitel, Joe Pesci and Robert De Niro and, at the Marrakech Film Festival, Robert De Niro spoke to Collider about The Irishman.

The Irishman

One of the things De Niro spoke about was the role Netflix has had with the making of The Irishman:

There had been a lot of juggling regarding who would put money in and when it was coming. When Netflix came in they just came in. They relieved a lot of anxiety and grief about doing it in a certain way, the way Marty wanted to do the film and it’s as it should be.”

So now it has to be presented in a traditional grand style. When Netflix switches to small screens, even if today they can be big, that’s something to be worked out and debated. I don’t know where that stands.”

De Niro also talked about the de-aging technology used in this movie as well as teaming up again with Joe Pesci and Harvey Keitel for The Irishman:

This particular project was the right thing to do, so that’s why it took us a long time to get it going. It was a great experience.”

The idea was to go back four, maybe five decades. So Marty wanted the people at ILM to do this as best as it’s been done to this point, to make us look younger. And I was excited by that. It gave us the freedom to do scenes when we are younger and not worry about makeup so much.”

Sometimes we used movies when I’m in my 50s, in my earlier years, just without makeup. So I’m very curious to see how it looks.”

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