Star Wars Resistance Season 1 Episodes 7 - 8 Review Signal from Sector Six Synara's Score

Star Wars Resistance: Season 1 Episodes 7 – 8 (Television/TV Review) – Decent Side-Mission Episodes

From the synopsis’ for ‘Signal from Sector Six’ and ‘Synara’s Score’, these episodes did not come across as ones that would showcase the main plot of Star Wars Resistance. Clearly, in a first season of any television series, character personalities and dynamics need to be established so not every episode of Resistance is going to heavily showcase the main story.

With that in mind, I hoped that these episodes of Resistance would be entertaining and would establish things that could be important in the future.

My Thoughts On Season 1 Episodes 7 – 8 Of Star Wars Resistance

My hopes were realised. I would class ‘Signal from Sector Six’ and ‘Synara’s Score’ as decent “side-mission” episodes of Star Wars Resistance which will have relevance at a later time in this animated Star Wars TV show. In ‘Signal from Sector Six’, Kaz and Poe Dameron reunite and go for a bit of flying to catch-up on how Kaz is doing as a spy on The Colossus. They end up picking up a distress call from a ship where a pirate attack has gone badly wrong.

After some trouble, they eventually rescue Synara, a female Mirialan, and escape from the ship. The actual story of ‘Signal from Sector Six’ was a bit disposable but it had some funny moments. Indeed, some of the interactions between BB-8 and CB-23, a new droid, made me chuckle and some of Poe’s lines on the ship were great, with one line that acted as a subtle homage to The Simpsons being a highlight.

I also appreciated how we had an episode that took place off The Colossus and seeing the relationship between Kaz and Poe develop was also good as seeing them together was one of the key aspects of ‘The Recruit’. Still, the ending of ‘Signal from Sector Six’ was the most important aspect of that episode. This is because we find out that Synara was actually one of the pirates who attacked the ship and she is part of the pirate gang that attacked The Colossus in ‘The Triple Dark’.

Kaz does not know this. Hence, he brings Synara to The Colossus and integrates her into the community. When I finished watching ‘Signal from Sector Six’, I immediately thought that this could link into the Pirate and First Order plot lines of Resistance very well in future episodes.

Synara and Tam

As it turns out, ‘Synara’s Score’ did a good job at building upon what ‘Signal from Sector Six’ established when it came to the character of Synara and the Pirate plot line. Clearly, as she is loyal to her Pirate gang, Synara is acting as a spy on The Colossus and spots an opportunity to cause a Pirate attack.

However, a redemption arc for Synara is clearly established in this episode with the friendship she established with Tam. The interactions between Synara and Tam were a nice element of ‘Synara’s Score’ and Tam will be the key to Synara’s eventual turn to the good side.

The humour that was provided by Neeku worked quite well and the ending of ‘Synara’s Score’ also has a lot of relevance going forward. This is because the pirate attack that Synara instigates causes Doza to contact The First Order about the deal that was offered to Doza in ‘The High Tower’.

As a result of this ending, I expect that The First Order will have a larger role in the next couple episodes of Star Wars Resistance. However, having more episodes that focus on one particular character and/or relationship would not surprise me.

Star Wars Resistance Season 1 Episodes 7 - 8 Review Signal from Sector Six Synara's Score


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