Laurence Fishburne Apocalypse Now Career

Film News – Laurence Fishburne On Apocalypse Now + His Career

Laurence Fishburne is an actor who commands respect. Indeed, his roles in classic movies such as The Matrix, Boyz n the Hood and Apocalypse Now as well as his role as Perry White in the DCEU have given him a successful career in the film industry.

He has no plans to stop now with upcoming roles in John Wick 3 and Clint Eastwood’s The Mule. In an interview with Collider at the Marrakech Film Festival, Laurence Fishburne discussed Apocalypse Now and his career in general.

Apocalypse Now

Laurence Fishburne had this to say on how important Apocalypse Now was for him:

That movie was really the beginning of me thinking of myself as an artist. It was the beginning of my understanding of cinema, it was the beginning of my understanding of the world, because I was suddenly taken out of Brooklyn and I was in the Philippines in the middle of Asia.”

I was in a place where most of the people looked like me, so it opened up a whole world of possibilities. My work with Francis on Apocalypse Now and all the films I did afterwards with him (The Cotton Club, Rumble Fish, Gardens of Stone) really shaped me and formed me as an artist.”

His Career

Laurence Fishburne also spoke about whether he has seen any progression in the film industry from his perspective as a black actor:

Things have been changing. People have been trying to change things throughout my career. For people of color, for women, for everybody and I think now people are succeeding in a way that we haven’t seen before. So it’s a great time.”

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