scott grimes the orville season 2

TV News – Scott Grimes On The Orville Season 2

The Orville is a sci-fi television show whose first season was heavily inspired by Star Trek. Season 2 of The Orville is currently airing and, in an interview with Collider, Scott Grimes, who plays Lt. Gordon Molloy in this TV series, had the chance to discuss the second season of The Orville.

The Orville Season 2

Here is what Scott Grimes had to say on how fun it is to make The Orville and how big Season 2 is compared to Season 1:

It’s so funny, it’s a blast to make, getting the opportunity to live a child’s dream of pretending that you’re in space with creatures, and being on a spaceship, in general, but it’s the toughest job that I’ve had to do, as far as working with Seth [MacFarlane].”

You try to raise yourself to what he expects and wants and sees in the project, which is not easy, all the time. It’s tough, on that level, to try to make him happy. I’m not saying that he’s a tyrant. He’s terrific to work for, but he’s also a comedic genius.”

He’s trying to make a specific show and be taken seriously, at the same time, so that’s a fine line that we ride. But yes, it’s an absolute blast, on the fantasy side of when you were a kid who was pretending to be a spaceman.”

Season 2 is completely bigger. Even though the first couple of episodes didn’t really show that, it gets gargantuan soon. The great thing about doing Season 2 was our confidence.”

We knew that we had an audience, we knew we could get a little more dramatic and serious, and we knew that we could get a little tiny bit less goofy ‘cause we didn’t have to sell that anymore. We just knew what we were.”

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