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Film News – Composer Justin Hurwitz On First Man

Director Damien Chazelle and composer Justin Hurwitz collaborated together on the critically acclaimed film La La Land and they reunited to work together on First Man. The score for First Man has received a lot of praise and, in an exclusive interview with Collider, Justin Hurwitz had the opportunity to discuss First Man.

First Man

Justin Hurwitz said this on when he first heard about First Man:

I heard about it early on. In fact, I know the reason he first sat down with Ryan Gosling was to pitch him on this Neil Armstrong movie before Ryan knew anything about La La Land, and it was in the course of that conversation that Ryan heard that Damien was also developing a musical and he was interested in that.”

So I knew way back then that Damien was developing the script with Josh Singer and he was getting with Ryan to talk about it. Then I didn’t think too much about it ’cause we were so busy making La La Land […] I would hear little bits and pieces about how it was coming along, but, again, I really wasn’t thinking about it too much. Damien would give me an early draft to read around that time, kind of half way through editing La La Land.”

Then it wasn’t until March of 2017 when Damien started like actually prepping First Man that I really got thinking about it and got working on it. I read another draft of the script that had progressed quite a bit. It was their pre-production draft at that point. So I read another draft and then started working on it with Damien at the time that he was doing his prep for location, costumes, cinematography and all that stuff.”

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