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TV News – Nic Pizzolatto + Mahershala Ali On True Detective Season 3

Season 3 of True Detective looks like a return to form for this television series. Season 1 was praised but Season 2 was underwhelming for a lot of people. However, from the reviews, Season 3 seems like a step in the right direction for this TV show. At a press conference for the new season, True Detective creator Nic Pizzolatto and Mahershala Ali discussed this third season of True Detective.

Nic Pizzolatto

Here is what Nic Pizzolatto had to say on what differentiates Season 3 of True Detective from previous seasons:

Maybe the focus on character and the intertwining of timelines. It’s a much, much more complicated structural thing that we tried to do this year, than existed in Season 1, while having some familiarity with Season 1, the way that you had these two timelines that then merged.”

And we wanted to go to a lesser known part of the country, to a place that’s mysterious, not only in its landscape, but people don’t know very much about it. There’s a tone and a texture in common, but I feel like this one has a lot more light in it than previous seasons, and it reaches for hope a bit more. I’m not even sure this is properly noir, given where it goes.”

Mahershala Ali

Mahershala Ali explained why he wanted to take on this project given his busy schedule:

I grew up in television. What I mean by that is that I was very fortunate to book a pilot, a few months out of school. That was in a time where, once you’re in TV, you stayed in TV. You didn’t get to do film. I came out of school in 2000, and I booked (the NBC series) Crossing Jordan in January or February of 2001.”

So, my relationship with television has been ongoing, having always aspired to have a blossoming film career. That’s how you would prioritize things. But over time, I found that it’s less about the medium and way more about the quality of the material. This was just a 500-page film that happens to be captured on television.”

The gift of having an opportunity to sit in the body and be in the bones of a character like Wayne Hays, as an exercise for an actor, I know that I’m a better man, a better actor, and a better husband and father, as a result of my six and a half months playing this part.”

To do this type of material and to be that close to it, it requires you to process, reflect and think about the world and people, in a way that goes beyond how you would normally do that because I’m spending so much time in the bones of another person.”

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