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TV News – Bradley Whitford On Valley of the Boom + The West Wing

Bradley Whitford has a starring role in the new TV show Valley of the Boom and he is no stranger to working in the television industry which is evident with his roles in shows such as The West Wing. In an interview with Collider, Bradley Whitford had the opportunity to discuss both Valley of the Boom and The West Wing.

Valley of the Boom

Bradley Whitford had this to say on reading the script for Valley of the Boom and what it was like to work on this show:

When I read the script, I was incredibly excited about it. You have no idea, when a director is trying to do something this cutting edge and joyous, if it’s gonna work, at all, and it turned out to really be a lot of fun.”

It’s a way of telling a story that resonates with the story that it’s telling. There was a wild mish-mash of forces coming together. It was the Wild West with high stakes. You were either gonna be Bill Gates, or you were gonna be taking a shower in a parking lot.”

The West Wing

Bradley Whitford also spoke about whether he would want to be involved in a revival of The West Wing:

I think a number of us have, at different times, pitched a similar idea. Aaron [Sorkin] is a smart guy. He’s wisely cautious and hesitant to go back to what was such a wonderful experience.”

This current presidency actually makes it more difficult to do our show, for a lot of reasons, but I walk around constantly knowing that, while it was certainly time for us to end The West Wing, the show could have continued creatively, just because there is an infinite arena of possibilities.”

The good news is that all of us love each other. It feels like a family. As the years go by, we have even more appreciation for our good fortune to be part of a creative and cultural experience like that. I would do yard work for him. I would do anything. But, it’s dangerous. You don’t want to mess it up.”

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