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TV News – Aidan Gillen Discusses Project Blue Book

Aidan Gillen has made a great career for himself in the television industry. Indeed, he had prominent roles in The Wire and Game of Thrones which are two HBO TV shows that are in the discussion for being amongst the best television shows ever made.

Aidan Gillen has a leading role in a new TV series called Project Blue Book and, in an interview with Collider, Aidan Gillen had the chance to speak about Project Blue Book.

Project Blue Book

Aidan Gillen said this on the fascinating subject matter:

Look, I’m familiar enough with the subject and the era, and I thought it was quite fascinating. I did want to have a conversation with the showrunners to see what their vision for it was and to see if it was a script that was gonna be shot. It was worth having those conversations, since things have changed.”

Generally, my feeling on things are quite instinctive. One read of something, if it’s read out loud, can give you a fair idea of whether you’ve gotta work on it, or whether you’re the right person for it or not. It was certainly the type of thing that I was looking to do, playing a warm positive character, as opposed to a cool, cynical, conniving character.”

Aidan Gillen also discussed whether he would want to return to Project Blue Book in the future:

I’d like to think so. That was certainly the plan, at the outset. I always like trying to find some space in there for those moments where it’s not all about the action or the plot, or moving the story along. I know that it’s an episodic drama that has a story pretty much every week. Some of them are split over two weeks.”

But there are over-arching sides to it, and I’m always interested in knowing what people are doing when they’re not pushing the story. I think there’s a way to go with Hynek and what you can do with him, and the sides of him that you can show. So, that’s part of the plan, yeah.”

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