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Film News – Nick Castle On Halloween

The original 1970s Halloween is an iconic horror film and Michael Myers, the antagonist of that movie, is an iconic villain not just in the horror genre but in all of cinema. The actor who played Michael Myers in Halloween was Nick Castle and he reprised his role in the recent 2018 Halloween. In an interview with Collider, Nick Castle was given the opportunity to speak about Halloween.


Here is what Nick Castle had to say on whether the process of making the 2018 Halloween encouraged him to go back and re-watch the original film after last seeing it 20 years ago:

Oh, yeah, I did! I went back and took a look, and I just… what happens is I have gone for the last, I don’t know, half dozen years to horror conventions. And there’s fans there that just love the movie to death — they have so many questions. They wanna know this, and they wanna know that. And frankly, I wasn’t remembering half the things they were talking about.”

Someone’s like, ‘How did you walk across… when you were chasing Jamie, and you turned at the banister, and you cross your leg, and what is that?’ And I said, ‘I have no idea what you’re talking [about].’ So I have to go back. I went back and took a look at it. And I was happy to see it again, ’cause I can see why it has lasting power.”

It just kind of all worked. The characters were well-drawn. And John just did a fantastic job, very simple but straightforward, but in a very artistic way. So yeah, it was fun to go back, and to revisit it.”

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