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TV News – Scoot McNairy On True Detective Season 3 + Narcos: Mexico

You can currently see Scoot McNairy in Season 3 of True Detective and his involvement in this TV show, along with his role as the narrator in the critically acclaimed Narcos: Mexico, is propelling him to new heights in the television industry. In an interview with Collider, Scoot McNairy had the chance to discuss both True Detective and Narcos: Mexico.

True Detective Season 3

Scoot Mcnairy had a lot of nice things to say about working with co-star Mamie Gummer on True Detective Season 3:

Mamie is a fucking fantastic actress. She really just shows up to work, and lays it down and leaves, which I was super blown away by and had a great time working with her. Mamie doesn’t have any kids.”

For me, I had to make it personal. I think the relationship between us is that you don’t know how people will react when there’s a tragedy. Some people go silent, some people become very verbal, some people hide, and some people laugh.”

It’s all over the place. Just the fact that you’ve lost your kids, and then the fact that you’re not getting along with your wife, is just hell. You can see it all over the character’s face. He just can’t move forward with his life. He’s trying everything, and he can’t.”

Narcos: Mexico

Here is what Scoot McNairy had to say on whether he knew from the start what his role in Season 1 of Narcos: Mexico would evolve into:

Yes. To answer your questions, we figured out first that I was going to be able to come onto the next season of Narcos. We discovered that about nine months ago.”

Then, it was (executive producer/writer) Eric Newman who said, ‘If he’s coming on, why don’t we see if we can plug him into one episode, at the very end, and we’ll see if we can have him narrate because it would make sense.’ I think they were struggling with Kiki Camarena, Michael Peña’s character, narrating from the grave, and if that made sense or not.”

It was a last minute decision. It just made sense for Walt to come on. So, six or seven months before we started shooting this new season, I knew I was coming on board that show.”

Scoot McNairy also talked about what the new season of Narcos: Mexico will cover:

I can’t say too much about it, but we’ll follow Diego Luna and his continuing struggles with the cartel. I am a DEA agent, who is essentially part of a true operation that took place, down in Mexico in 1986. He’s loosely based on a real character, but the character I play is fictional.”

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