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Film News – Jonas Akerlund Discusses Polar + Mads Mikkelsen

People who were let down with Marvel wasting an actor as talented as Mads Mikkelsen in Doctor Strange will be hoping that this can be somewhat corrected in the new comic book film Mads Mikkelsen is starring in. The movie is called Polar and Jonas Akerlund, the director, gave an interview to Variety about Polar.


Here is what Jonas Akerlund had to say on the key decisions made when it came to the visual style of Polar:

Polar is based on the first and a little bit on the second book and all the characters from those novels are in there. The story is based on the graphic novel, but when it came to the execution of the film I felt I couldn’t really make a movie without any dialogue.”

I didn’t want to make Sin City, where everything is stylized like a graphic novel. I wanted to find our own DNA for the movie and to be inspired by Victor’s fantastic work, then bring it to life as an action movie. As a director you get a bit of a free pass when you do a graphic novel, and that let us push a little further than we’re used to.”

Mads Mikkelsen

Jonas Akerlund also spoke about how he went about directing Mads Mikkelsen:

For starters, it was very different from anything I’ve done before. He’s one of the smartest actors, actually one of the smartest people, I’ve ever met in my life. He challenged me, but brought out the best of me. I knew that he would always outsmart me, so I had to stay on my toes all the time and try to be a step ahead of him.”

The good news is that we had a lot of time to work before shooting, so my goal was to have him in character and well-prepared so once we started shooting there would be no questions on what we’re doing.”

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