Jason Clarke Pet Sematary

Film News – Jason Clarke Discusses Pet Sematary

Recently, John Lithgow had the chance to discuss the remake of Pet Sematary, a film based on a Stephen King novel. Now, in an interview at a set visit, Jason Clarke was given the opportunity to speak about Pet Sematary in which he will play a leading role as Louis Creed.

Pet Sematary

Here is what Jason Clarke said on what stuff from the book he was hoping would be in this version of Pet Sematary:

Yeah, of course. There are some wonderful scenes I’d love to have done, but it’s impossible — Another scene I love in the book… Just got be careful.”

Remember the scene where, the scene at the funeral parlor. There’s an open casket, no, it was a closed casket because it was a massive crash, but Louis’ father and his backstory there, with Rachel’s father. And the animosity that exists within the relationship.”

And the fact that you know the animosity exists and that Louis is carrying on and that nobody’s ever told Rachel, makes you kind of closer to their relationship and understanding, and it doesn’t make them all such a nicey lovey couple. They’ve got problems. They have great sex. They’ve got issues and differences. But they’re making it. They’re a real family, they seem to be a real couple.”

You know, there’s a few things. There’s a phone call, where the old man apologizes. And he’s got this other dichotomy running through it. He’s apologizing, at the same time Louis is realizing it’s too late. That car is Rachel’s. He’s piecing it together over the phone call. It’s just this psychological mess of what he’s become. You know?

There’s a couple. There’s a lot. [Laughs] I’ve read it eight times. I really enjoy the book. You can just pick up a little piece, and just refresh that piece with it before you go and shoot a scene.”

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