Christopher Landon Happy Death Day 2U

Film News – Christopher Landon Discusses Happy Death Day 2U

The success of horror sequels from a critical and financial perspective is far from guaranteed. Still, from what I can see, Happy Death Day 2U has done reasonably well. This film has already garnered $26.5 million at the box office on a $9 million budget and it has received generally positive reviews even if the consensus is that it is not as good as the original movie.

The director for both films in the Happy Death Day franchise is Christopher Landon and, in an interview with Collider, he spoke about Happy Death Day 2U.

Happy Death Day 2U

Here is what Christopher Landon had to say on how the creative processes for both Happy Death Day movies differed:

Yeah, the first one was such a long journey only because when I came onto the first movie I was just hired to rewrite it and there was another director attached at the time. Then that movie, you know, it just didn’t happen. It kind of fell apart and then the script sat around for a really long time.

We kept trying to find different ways to try and jump start it and get it going again. Everything kind of just started failing. Until I was able to bring it to Jason Blum which obviously sort of was the big sort of win for us. It just kind of felt like a long road even though once Jason had it everything moved fairly quickly.

But this time it was so fast but we all wanted this to happen quickly because there was a sense of urgency around it, because these movies are so interconnected, and so it was essential that we get this one out as quickly as possible so that the first movie was still relatively fresh in people’s minds because I think that it really enhances their experience in watching the second one.

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