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TV News – Robert Sheehan + Ellen Page On The Umbrella Academy

When it comes to the most anticipated Netflix Originals coming out in 2019, Stranger Things is probably top of the list for a lot of people. Still, there are always new Netflix Originals that come out of nowhere and are a real surprise in a good way. American Vandal springs to mind in this regard.

The Umbrella Academy looks as though it is one of these surprise TV shows that drop on Netflix and capture the cultural zeitgeist for a short period of time. Two stars of this television show are Ellen Page and Robert Sheehan who both spoke to Collider about The Umbrella Academy.

The Umbrella Academy

Ellen Page and Robert Sheehan said this on their initial reaction to reading The Umbrella Academy pilot script:

SHEEHAN: “I had a similar experience as Ellen, being very intrigued by the pilot script, and then having a good, thorough conversation with (showrunner) Steve Blackman and the writing team about where the journey goes and what sort of deviations it takes.”

That was the thing that really got my creative juices flowing. The journey that Klaus goes on is totally bonkers, in a very, very wonderful way. All of that promise, and all of that meat and potatoes, across the 10 hours, was the stuff that I was dying to get stuck into.”

PAGE: “My initial response to Vanya was that I just really related to her and the experience that she’s having, at that time, in the world. I had the feeling, the moment I finished the pilot, of wanting to read the next one mixed with just such a lovely conversation with Steve Blackman, who’s so wonderful and has an incredible track record.”

He explained the tone, the journey of the characters, and how he wanted to look. It really did sound like something that I had never seen before, and it sounded like something where you could have some fun mixed with some real depth. As an actor, there was a lot to grab onto. It just felt like a really nice combo.”

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