Dean DeBlois How To Train Your Dragon 3

Film News – Dean DeBlois On How To Train Your Dragon 3

Dean DeBlois has poured his heart and soul into the How To Train Your Dragon film franchise and I can only imagine how delighted he has been with the positive critical reception for his trilogy. How To Train Your Dragon 3 was recently released in cinemas worldwide and Dean DeBlois spoke to Collider about the third and final instalment in this animated movie series.

How To Train Your Dragon 3

Here is what Dean DeBlois had to say on working with legendary cinematographer Roger Deakins as a visual consultant on How To Train Your Dragon 3:

It was so great. He’s such a soft-spoken and mild-mannered guy but so full of wisdom, it’s like a Masterclass every time he spends time with us. He’s been working remotely, but when he is in town he’ll spend an entire day and meet with every department.”

Once again, he was involved with every department, creating these mood boards of photo references; everything from a sense of mist or atmosphere to pallets.”

Then working with the camera department in setting up shots and talking about combining some, different perspectives…then all the way through to the end, working with our production designer and visual effects designer to fine-tune the lighting and make sure every sequence has a strong identity.”

Dean DeBlois also discussed how aware he is about the rabid fandom for these films:

I am aware of it, and most of the people here working on the film are aware of it because it’s a very passionate and very outspoken group and they hold us to a certain standard because of their love of the characters and the world.”

I think we want to do right by them. A lot of decisions we question amongst ourselves, just to make sure we are not going to hopefully disappoint or enrage our fans by doing something that feels out of character.”

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