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Film News – Javier Bardem On Everybody Knows + Dune

Recently, Stellan Skarsgard had the opportunity to speak about Dune, a remake of the 1980s film that will be directed by Denis Villeneuve. Now, fellow cast member Javier Bardem has given an interview to Collider and he spoke about Dune as well as a new movie he is starring in alongside his wife Penelope Cruz titled Everybody Knows.

Everybody Knows

Javier Bardem said this on what director Asghar Farhadi said to him when he was approached to star in Everybody Knows:

If you are religious and a believer, you light a candle and thank all of the virtues that you know the name of, for creating that miracle.”

If not, I just close my eyes and say out loud, ‘Fuck, am I lucky or what?!’ Many months ago, before I met him for the first time in Los Angeles, funny enough, because he was promoting A Separation and I was promoting something else, I saw A Separation at a movie theater and I couldn’t believe the quality of that movie, in every aspect.”

And I thought, ‘Jesus, if only I could learn Persian. If I knew Persian, I’d go to Iran and beg him for a job.’ Months later, he comes and says, ‘I wanna make a movie in Spanish. Are you interested?’ I was like, ‘What?!’ I couldn’t believe it. What a stroke of luck.”

So, the first thing is that you’re really grateful for the amazing luck you have and you think about what you did to earn it. And then, you ask, ‘If he gives me this chance, what can I give back? What does he need from me? I’ll give it all.’ And that’s what we did.”

We gave all of the time, focus, and help that he wanted and needed from us, in terms of language, preparation, and everything. And it was nothing more than one of the greatest personal acting experiences that I’ve ever had. It was excellent.”


This is what Javier Bardem had to say on the influence Denis Villeneuve had in his decision to be a part of Dune:

I saw the Dune from David Lynch. I’ve read the first two books. I saw Prisoners. I saw Sicario. I saw Arrival. I love Blade Runner [2049].”

And then, I met him and he asked me, if I’d ever be interested in being in Dune. It was like, ‘What?! Yes! Of course! Are you kidding?!’ Again, what a luxury. What a grace. What a blessing to have a job that you like, and not only that, but to be near people that you admire and that have inspired you, and that you really follow because you love what they do, and they ask you to be a part of that.”

It’s a luxury, in this life, that I can have. The only thing that I can give back is all of my will and all of my skills, if I have any.”

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