Matt Bomer Doom Patrol

TV News – Matt Bomer On Doom Patrol

DC and Marvel will compete with each other yet again in the near future. They already do this in the film industry and now, thanks to the launch of DC Universe and the imminent release of Disney+, they will compete in the television industry too.

One of the new superhero TV shows on DC Universe is Doom Patrol and Matt Bomer is part of the ensemble cast for this comic book television series. At a Q&A, Matt Bomer talked about Doom Patrol.

Doom Patrol

Matt Bomer had this to say on how familiar he was with the Doom Patrol comic book before he joined the cast:

I wasn’t familiar with (these comics), at all. I grew up with pretty standard comic book fare, as a kid. I was definitely more of a DC kid, but I did not know about Grant Morrison’s comics, or even the ones that predated that.”

“(Executive Producers) Greg Berlanti and Jeremy Carver called me and described this character to me, who they felt, on the outside, was this all-American, Chuck Yeager, golden boy, but on the inside, was one part the Elephant Man and one part Montgomery Clift. I thought, ‘Oh, wow, that’s a really interesting dichotomy to get to play.’ He’s this golden boy on the outside, but inside, he’s always felt like a monster.”

It’s the great allegory of the role that Jeremy so brilliantly came up with. Through this accident, he ultimately becomes what he always felt he was inside. So, his journey over the course of the season is finding a dialogue with himself, where he can learn to accept all of the parts of himself that he felt were unlovable or unacceptable, in the past.”

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