Pablo Schreiber Ricky Whittle American Gods Season 2

TV News – Pablo Schreiber + Ricky Whittle Discuss American Gods Season 2

The first season of American Gods was one of the most celebrated seasons of television in 2017. Consequently, anticipation for Season 2 has been high but the production for this season of American Gods has been troubled. Still, Season 2 is finally here and Pablo Schreiber and Ricky Whittle, two actors in American Gods, have given an interview to Collider to talk about Season 2 of this TV show.

American Gods Season 2

Here is what Ricky Whittle had to say on what his favourite part of American Gods Season 2 is:

My favorite part of this season is probably the growth of those relationships, and seeing those dynamics change and evolve, for the better and for the worse. That’s one of the best parts of the season. Now we’ve got your attention, and we’ve set the world and the players, so you can invest in those relationships because they mean more. We can move that storyline along, a lot faster.”

Pablo Schreiber said this on the aims of Season 2 and what it explores compared to Season 1:

Hopefully, we laid out the universe in Season 1 and made the characters compelling enough that people wanna come back and find out what happens to them. Now, in Season 2, we really get to send them off on their own journeys and watch them in interaction with each other, which is really the fun part.”

That being said, there’s a blueprint. There’s a novel that was written, and we’re making the novel. While there are some changes, we’re still shooting the novel. It’s not like it’s a mystery where all these characters are heading. You can read the book and find out. There’s an endgame for Sweeney, and there’s an end result for Shadow.”

When you read the book, you know what that is, and it’s just a matter of how long it takes for us to get there.”

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