Idris Elba Turn Up Charlie

TV News – Idris Elba Discusses Turn Up Charlie

I know that a lot of Idris Elba fans cannot wait to see him star in the Fast and the Furious spin-off Hobbs and Shaw. Still, that film is not coming out until August. In the meantime, one can see Idris Elba in a new TV show on Netflix called Turn Up Charlie and, in an interview with Collider, Idris Elba was given the chance to speak about Turn Up Charlie.

Turn Up Charlie

One of the things Idris Elba discussed was how he figured out the arc for Charlie:

Once they bought it in the room, there was a really awkward silence. It was like, ‘Now, what do I say?’ And then, I was shitting myself for about eight months, trying to pull the story together, but we did. I had a writers room in London, which comprised of young writers, some new writers and some experienced writers.”

It all came together with long sessions of me telling stories, and specifically telling stories about DJ culture. I really wanted to make a show about DJs, but there was just not enough there to make it interesting. So, what started off as a DJ show, and a show about a DJ trying to climb up the ladder, became this story about parenting, which came from the anecdotes.”

We merged it together and it started to write itself, once we added the elements that we did. The inner team at Netflix are amazing about that process. They weren’t putting on the pressure. In fact, they were very open about their analytics, believe it or not.”

We managed to understand what really makes the average Netflix user really tick, so we had this really interesting insight into how to make this story work.”

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