Bill Hader Barry Season 2

TV News – Bill Hader On Barry Season 2

Season 1 of Barry was revered by critics and anticipation for the second season of this HBO TV show has been pretty high. This television series has been a great platform for Bill Hader to showcase his talent as an actor, writer, director and showrunner. In an interview with Collider, Bill Hader was given the opportunity to discuss Season 2 of Barry.

Barry Season 2

Here is what Bill Hader had to say on navigating the diverse tone in Season 2 of Barry and making sure it is as consistent as possible:

Well, I mean you just kind of follow the story and we just kind of go each step of the way of saying, ‘What would Barry do here? What would Sally do here? What would Cousineau do? What would Fuches do?’ And you just try to be as truthful and honest as you can.”

Then what tends to happen is that Alec and I would have a draft that I would say is more dramatic, because we’re just trying to have the story make sense. Then we’ll kind of go back and in each draft I think a little bit more comedy will kind of seep in.”

Then what tends to happen is we get on set and then we’ll try and add more comedy, and then we get in the edit and we end up cutting back on the comedy. So it’s just a balancing act. It’s all kind of instinctual and we’re feeling it as we move across. It’s never like, ‘Well let’s try this and try this.’ You know?”

Bill Hader also spoke about whether he and the others involved with Barry have thought about how long they would like the show to go on for:

Not really. It’s kind of like how everything goes, I think it just kind of happens organically.”

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