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Film News – J.C. Chandor On Triple Frontier + Netflix

Recently, Ben Affleck spoke about Triple Frontier, a heist film in which he has a starring role in alongside Oscar Isaac. Now, J.C. Chandor, the director of this movie, has given an interview to Collider and he has discussed both Triple Frontier and Netflix.

Triple Frontier

Here is what J.C. Chandor had to say on how Triple Frontier changed as a result of early screenings:

It got tighter, which I think is so cool. It feathers right back into what you’re talking about. One of the things that Scott Stuber, who’s running this shop, and was my boss on this movie, one of the things he really stressed in a positive way for me was no matter how we’re delivering, this the two hour movie is not dead.”

It’s such an efficient, beautiful, well-timed – going back to Greek plays, most of them were somewhere between an hour and half and three hours long, in multi-parts. To tell a story over ten hours is fun, and there’s a lot of people doing it right now.”

Even in your home, as that filmmaker would say, as a TV movie, the two hour time table is something to believe in as a true storytelling technique. I was sort of imagining that I would have a little more freedom and willingness because of Netflix and because of the difference of the movie, to kind of let it wander the way some of my other films had.”

What I realized in the editing room, especially after the first screening we did, which was a mall in New Jersey, you know 400 people. It was a pretty brutal screening because halfway through it I realized that this is a freaking action, fun, adventure film that’s operating on two levels. It needs to be this tense, fun thrill ride.”


J.C. Chandor also spoke about whether he has heard about the whole thing with Netflix and the Oscars and if Netflix films should be eligible for these awards:

A little bit. I haven’t heard about this latest. These guys gave me a warning that a prominent member in the community has spoken out quite clearly on it […] My career, when I got my first chance to do this, was the first days of this world kind of changing. That movie was released day and date.”

Would I have loved that movie, for every person to come and get a babysitter and see it in a movie theater, yes. In the last 10 years or whatever, since that filmed played, the world just keeps changing. I think as storytellers, and as an industry, to sort of fully put your head in the sand is not really an option.”

For 800 bucks you can have a movie screen in your house and have any movie ever made delivered to it. To sort of deny that the market place has shifted, is a fool’s errand, just as an industry. That’s just my personal opinion about where we are.”

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