David Mandel Veep Season 7

TV News – Showrunner David Mandel On ‘Veep’ Season 7

The seventh and final season of Veep will bring an end to a highly revered television series. The showrunner for this TV show is David Mandel and, in an interview with Collider, he had the opportunity to discuss Season 7 of Veep.

Veep Season 7

Here is what David Mandel had to say on what it felt like when he knew he was doing the final season of Veep:

It’s strange. The cancer, dare I say, changed everything. Not just the perspective and just obviously what’s important in life, but it also interrupted things and made you go, ‘Oh, right.’ And so, when we came back to the season, the end snuck up on us a little bit more, the second time around, because we were just happy to be back, and happy to have [Julia Louis-Dreyfus] back, and be happy to be doing it.”

As we were planting the seeds of things to come, in these early episodes, we started thinking about it a little more. And at the very end, it really did sneak up on us. I was a writer for the end of Seinfeld, and I helped, but that wasn’t my idea. I wasn’t the architect, so that’s different than saying, ‘This is how it’s going to end.’ I don’t know. It’s strange.”

I try to put blinders on, when it comes to what other people want out of it. You’ve just gotta forget that. Because I was a fan for four years of the show, and then I was guy #2 (the second showrunner, after Armando Iannucci left), I get to go, ‘What does me, the fan, want?’ That sometimes gets to influence my writing, in a very fun way, that sometimes maybe being the writer doesn’t.”

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