Gugu Mbatha-Raw Fast Color

Film News – Gugu Mbatha-Raw On Fast Color

One of the most promising actresses in the entertainment industry is Gugu Mbatha-Raw who has had roles in films such as Miss Sloane and the live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast. One of the latest movies she has a lead part in is Fast Color and, in an interview with Collider, she had the opportunity to speak about Fast Color.

Fast Color

Here is what Gugu Mbatha-Raw had to say on what her reaction was when Fast Color came her way and what spoke most to her about this indie superhero movie:

I read the script during the time that I was filming The Cloverfield Paradox. That movie was really intense, and all set in space and all shot on a soundstage, so it was all interiors with a lot of CGI special effects.”

It was big budget sci-fi. It was a very claustrophobic type of story for my character, so to be able to read something like Fast Color was just so refreshing. It was a very raw, authentic, grounded world, set in the desert. Having been on a soundstage, the idea of being out in a wide open space seemed really appealing.”

The idea that it was about three generations of women, and that it was focused on these intimate family relationships, was really intriguing to me. And also, the character of Ruth and the opening of the script totally hooked me in.”

The idea of seeing a woman on the run, who seems to be somewhat wild, in this fight or flight adrenaline zone, where you’re not sure if she’s criminal, what she’s done, who she’s running from, or what she’s running to, I just found her really intriguing, as a character, with the complex and fragile and tough, all at the same time.”

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