Film News – Director Nisha Ganatra On Late Night + Star Wars

The comedy Late Night has, for the most part, been receiving very good reviews. Indeed, it looks like it will be one of the best comedic films of 2019 alongside other comedies that have come out this year such as Long Shot and Booksmart. The director of Late Night is Nisha Ganatra and, in an interview with Collider, she had the chance to speak about Late Night as well as her wish to direct a Star Wars movie.

Late Night

Nisha Ganatra had this to say on whether there was anything she learned from private screenings of Late Night before its release that changed the movie:

It’s a very talky script. People walk in and loudly announce who they are in a monologue. It was very challenging to direct and make this movie visual because, on the page, it was very just dialogue-driven.”

I had to really work hard to make it visual, and pull things out, and tell the story in the medium that it is. With every screening, Mindy was willing to lose a little bit more of the dialogue, realizing that audiences can follow along without being told as much as we think they need to be told.”

Audiences make big leaps, and you just want to be careful, in a movie, not to let them get ahead of you. This movie was fun, that way. The test screenings allowed me to take out some things that were said, that I don’t think needed saying.”

Star Wars

Nisha Ganatra also spoke about the other types of movies she would like to direct, one of which would be a film the in the Star Wars universe:

I’d love a crack at the Star Wars franchise, or the Jurassic Park franchise. I’d really like a crack at some amazing science fiction drama, like a Gattaca-type movie. That would be amazing.”

It’s so funny, there are all those things that you dream about, as a kid, and then, as you start working, as a woman in the industry, you’re like, ‘I guess I’m just not gonna get a chance to do those things.’ So, you focus on the independent films you can get made, but it’s been really exciting to do a movie [like Late Night].”

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