Film News – J.C. Chandor On Triple Frontier + Netflix

Recently, Ben Affleck spoke about Triple Frontier, a heist film in which he has a starring role in alongside Oscar Isaac. Now, J.C. Chandor, the director of this movie, has given an interview to Collider and he has discussed both Triple Frontier and Netflix.

Triple Frontier

Here is what J.C. Chandor had to say on how Triple Frontier changed as a result of early screenings:

It got tighter, which I think is so cool. It feathers right back into what you’re talking about. One of the things that Scott Stuber, who’s running this shop, and was my boss on this movie, one of the things he really stressed in a positive way for me was no matter how we’re delivering, this the two hour movie is not dead.”

It’s such an efficient, beautiful, well-timed – going back to Greek plays, most of them were somewhere between an hour and half and three hours long, in multi-parts. To tell a story over ten hours is fun, and there’s a lot of people doing it right now.”

Even in your home, as that filmmaker would say, as a TV movie, the two hour time table is something to believe in as a true storytelling technique. I was sort of imagining that I would have a little more freedom and willingness because of Netflix and because of the difference of the movie, to kind of let it wander the way some of my other films had.”

What I realized in the editing room, especially after the first screening we did, which was a mall in New Jersey, you know 400 people. It was a pretty brutal screening because halfway through it I realized that this is a freaking action, fun, adventure film that’s operating on two levels. It needs to be this tense, fun thrill ride.”


J.C. Chandor also spoke about whether he has heard about the whole thing with Netflix and the Oscars and if Netflix films should be eligible for these awards:

A little bit. I haven’t heard about this latest. These guys gave me a warning that a prominent member in the community has spoken out quite clearly on it […] My career, when I got my first chance to do this, was the first days of this world kind of changing. That movie was released day and date.”

Would I have loved that movie, for every person to come and get a babysitter and see it in a movie theater, yes. In the last 10 years or whatever, since that filmed played, the world just keeps changing. I think as storytellers, and as an industry, to sort of fully put your head in the sand is not really an option.”

For 800 bucks you can have a movie screen in your house and have any movie ever made delivered to it. To sort of deny that the market place has shifted, is a fool’s errand, just as an industry. That’s just my personal opinion about where we are.”

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Film News – Danny Elfman Discusses Dumbo

Recently, director Tim Burton spoke about his live-action remake of the Disney animated classic Dumbo. Now, composer Danny Elfman, a long-time collaborator with Tim Burton, has given an interview to Collider about Dumbo.


Danny Elfman said this on whether Tim Burton had a good sense of what he was doing with Dumbo when Elfman joined the project:

Yeah, he had a pretty good sense of what he was doing, but he didn’t have a good sense yet of the music. He usually evolves that, over the process. It all starts with a thing called the spotting session, where you sit down and go over the whole movie, and every cue gets a number and a name and a little bit about the cue.”

With Tim, it’s the fastest spotting sessions, in my life […] if it’s an hour and 45-minute movie, the spotting session will be two hours and 15 minutes. He adds about a half-hour. He doesn’t talk about it.”

He just says, ‘Okay, music here, and music here. We’re gonna keep that. We want that to soar. We want that to be sweet.’ He doesn’t verbalize, and that’s fine. Really, the more he verbalizes, it’s not gonna really help me. Telling me how he feels will help me, so that’s what he does. He’ll say, ‘I feel this way about this scene. I feel this way about that scene.’ Then, I start writing.”

And when I’m writing, I’ll write more than one option because I know Tim. If I play three things for him, it’ll help him focus and say, ‘Oh, no, that’s the wrong way to go. This is the right way to go.’ It’s through that kind of experimentation that I help him figure out what he is really looking for, musically, in the film.”

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Star Wars Resistance: Season 1 Episodes 18 – 19 (TV/Television Review) – Kaz Becomes A Leader

The Disappeared’ and ‘Descent’ were the episodes of Star Wars Resistance that would act as the foundation for the Season 1 finale. Everything has been building up to First Order control of the Colossus and I expected these episodes to finally put our protagonists in a place where they would have to truly fight back.

My Thoughts On Season 1 Episodes 18 – 19 Of Star Wars Resistance

‘The Disappeared’ acted as an episode which continued to highlight the First Order’s authoritarian oppression. This is because the racing, the heart and soul of the Colossus, was ended by the First Order and, as such, the ace pilots were grounded. Clearly, a move designed to remove any threat to the First Order as the ace pilots were also the Colossus’ protectors and they could probably hold their own in a fight against the First Order.

Tam and Kaz were still clashing over the First Order and we find out that Colossus citizens who defy or speak out against the First Order are disappearing. I immediately thought that these citizens were arrested, taken off world and imprisoned to do hard labour because this is what the Empire did to those who rebelled against them.

Hype Fazon and Aunt Z are two of these citizens who fall foul of the First Order, at least until Kaz and Torra break them out. Before this escape happened, Torra and Kaz see that Doza and Yeager are working together to knock out the communication blocker so they can let the Resistance know that they need help.

For me, to see the old Rebel Alliance pilot and the former Imperial officer working together against the First Order was great to see. I hope to see more of these two together going forward both in Season 1 and Season 2 of Resistance.

Escape, Arrest, Escape

Still, while I am sure that Kaz would have been personally relieved to see Doza and Yeager on the same side, him and Torra had a job to do and they help Hype, Aunt Z and a couple of others to escape the platform.

Once again, Takodana is referenced as a location by Aunt Z where she and the others call upon the help of an old friend which clearly implies Maz Kanata. The consistent references to Takodana in Season 1 of Resistance have made me convinced that we will see Takodana in the Season 1 finale as a way to show Aunt Z and Hype Fazon’s perspective of the destruction of Hosnian Prime.

Kaz and Torra saved the day but, sadly, ‘The Disappeared’ ended on a dark note as Kaz, Yeager, Neeku and Tam are all arrested by the First Order. ‘Descent’ begins where ‘The Disappeared’ ended with are protagonists being arrested and they are being arrested because the First Order traced the Fireball, Kaz’s ship, back to the workshop after the events of ‘The Core Problem’. Consequently, the First Order suspect they are all Resistance spies.

This puts out protagonists in a perilous position but Kaz, Yeager, Neeku and CB-23 are able to escape but Tam cannot because she is so confused by the whole situation. Tam is taken captive but is treated well by Agent Tierney, a new character in Resistance who works for the First Order.

Obviously, this is an attempt to get Tam to reveal information easily and perhaps shift allegiance to the First Order. Because of what we have seen in previous episodes of Resistance, this is a possibility and, now that she knows the truth about Kaz, she will clearly feel betrayed and untrusting of the people she believed trusted her.

Kaz Has To Step Up

Kaz’s true identity is revealed to everyone who did not know previously and he and the others who escaped hide out in Engineering with Kel and Elia, the children from Tehar. From that point forward, Kaz is now in a leadership role and he has to step up to the plate. He comes up with a plan to flood the station and knock out the communications blocker undetected to get a message to the Resistance.

Thanks to Doza’s help, the plan is successful and the message is transmitted and, interestingly, it is intercepted by Synara and the pirates. Perhaps they could provide Kaz with some help in the next episodes of Resistance. However, Kaz’s plan comes at a cost as Yeager gets captured which is a huge blow for Kaz.

Once he returns to Engineering, Kaz listens to the message Leia sent in response and, unfortunately, the Resistance is unable to send help. Their resources are stretched thin as it is and this means that Kaz and the others are on their own. Kaz therefore has to take even more responsibility than before.

He forms his own official Resistance cell to drive out the First Order and this showcases the arc of maturity Kaz has gone on since his time on the Colossus in a very meaningful way. I really liked ‘The Disappeared’ and ‘Descent’, the latter particularly because of Kaz’s progression as a character.

We now have two episodes left and, with the destruction of Hosnian Prime imminent, we will have to see how our protagonists react to this in the Season 1 finale of Star Wars Resistance.

Star Wars Resistance Season 1 Episodes 18 - 19 The Disappeared Descent Review


TV News – Bill Hader On Barry Season 2

Season 1 of Barry was revered by critics and anticipation for the second season of this HBO TV show has been pretty high. This television series has been a great platform for Bill Hader to showcase his talent as an actor, writer, director and showrunner. In an interview with Collider, Bill Hader was given the opportunity to discuss Season 2 of Barry.

Barry Season 2

Here is what Bill Hader had to say on navigating the diverse tone in Season 2 of Barry and making sure it is as consistent as possible:

Well, I mean you just kind of follow the story and we just kind of go each step of the way of saying, ‘What would Barry do here? What would Sally do here? What would Cousineau do? What would Fuches do?’ And you just try to be as truthful and honest as you can.”

Then what tends to happen is that Alec and I would have a draft that I would say is more dramatic, because we’re just trying to have the story make sense. Then we’ll kind of go back and in each draft I think a little bit more comedy will kind of seep in.”

Then what tends to happen is we get on set and then we’ll try and add more comedy, and then we get in the edit and we end up cutting back on the comedy. So it’s just a balancing act. It’s all kind of instinctual and we’re feeling it as we move across. It’s never like, ‘Well let’s try this and try this.’ You know?”

Bill Hader also spoke about whether he and the others involved with Barry have thought about how long they would like the show to go on for:

Not really. It’s kind of like how everything goes, I think it just kind of happens organically.”

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Film News – Marc Maron On Joker

One of the movies coming out in 2019 that has a lot of buzz is Joker, a standalone DC film that stars Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker, Batman’s greatest enemy. Marc Maron has a supporting role in this comic book movie and, in an interview in NME, he had the chance to discuss Joker.


Here is what Marc Maron had to say on filming Joker, what the movie focuses on and working with Robert De Niro:

I finished that a while ago, we’d just finished wrapping the third season of Glow, I did a week in New York and did a scene with Robert De Niro and Joaquin Phoenix. I couldn’t believe it was happening, but once I got there I was like ‘Here we go. Let’s do the job’.”

I think it’s a very interesting approach to this world, I’ve been somewhat judgemental when it comes to comic book movies and I’ve got a little pushback in the press for being a hypocrite. Whatever I think, if you get a call and someone says, ‘Hey do you wanna do a scene with Robert De Niro and Joaquin Phoenix?’ your principals fall to the wayside.”

If it’s relative to what I think of Marvel movies then it’s like, ‘Yeah, of course I’m gonna do that’. Oddly, it’s not that kind of movie. The approach that Todd Phillips has taken is more of an origin story and a character study of a mentally ill person that becomes The Joker.”

It’s more of an intimate and gritty movie with a very specific scope. It’s going to be really interesting to see how it comes out.”

It was great to meet him [Robert De Niro] and it was great to see him work […] He’s a nice guy and kinda shy, but it was a great experience and not too much of a mindfuck.”

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Film News – Tim Burton Discusses Dumbo

The reviews for Dumbo have recently come out and there has been a mixed response for this live-action remake of the Disney animated classic. Still, we all know that a hardcore group of Tim Burton fans will support the film no matter what the critical reception is given their love for his previous work in the film industry. During a conference at the film’s Los Angeles press junket, Tim Burton was given the chance to speak about Dumbo.


One of the topics of conservation was the thing that Tim Burton loves about the story of Dumbo:

I just liked the idea of a flying elephant that doesn’t quite fit into the world, and how somebody with a disadvantage makes it an advantage. It just felt very close to the way I felt about things. It was just a very pure, simple image. Like all of the old Disney fables, it has that simple symbolism for real emotions.”

Tim Burton also spoke about the things in the original Dumbo that he wanted to expand upon in his own live-action version:

I just like the fact that it’s obviously a very simple fable and story. At its heart, it’s about family. What I liked about it was the human parallel story. This character comes back from war, and he doesn’t have an arm, he doesn’t have a wife, and he doesn’t have a job.”

He’s trying to find his place in the world. It’s like that for all of the characters. Every character in it wants to be something. They’re like Dumbo, using disadvantage to advantage. So, there are lots of nice themes, but in a very simple framework.”

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Film News – Ben Affleck On Triple Frontier

Multiple delays and cast changes meant that Triple Frontier did not have the smoothest of productions. Still, as long as the film gets made to a good enough quality and is released in the end then all the struggles will have been worth it. Ben Affleck was part of the cast for this Netflix heist movie and, in an exclusive interview with Collider, he had the opportunity to talk about Triple Frontier.

Triple Frontier

Here is what Ben Affleck said on what it was about the script that made him want to be a part of Triple Frontier:

You know, it’s complex, and it doesn’t make easy judgements, and you keep calibrating your opinion of the characters as the movie goes on. That keeps changing. I thought that was really interesting. I thought it was a really good action script, but it was kind of character-based. It owed something to The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, which is one of my favorite movies.”

Ben Affleck also spoke about what it was like filming the heist scene for Triple Frontier:

Yeah, we rehearsed that [heist scene] more than anything else. They wanted to get a sense that we were professional soldiers from that. We really drilled every step because we wanted to look like we’ve done it before.”

“We wanted to look convincingly like Special Forces operators. We were lucky because Guy Norris helped us with that, as well as Nick John, the technical adviser. We just rehearsed it so much that it became second nature. It was just a function of putting in the time.”

I was dreading the heist because J.C. just had to make it all happen in the rain. From experience, I know what it’s like. The first take is fun, but by take 7 you’re standing there, your underwear is wet, you’re shivering between takes. Being wet can make almost any experience a little bit of a bummer.”

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Film News – O’Shea Jackson Discusses Godzilla: King of the Monsters

Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla was a very polarising film but that has done nothing to dampen the excitement there is for Godzilla: King of the Monsters. One of the cast members of this Godzilla sequel is O’Shea Jackson and, in an interview with Collider, he had the opportunity to discuss Godzilla: King of the Monsters.

Godzilla: King of the Monsters

Here is what O’Shea Jackson had to say on his fandom for Godzilla prior to joining the cast for Godzilla: King of the Monsters and how it heavily influenced his decision to be a part of this movie:

Well, that’s the whole reason I got the part. Whether it’s the Hanna Barbara cartoon or that weird Ferris Bueller one, I love all Godzillas. I love Godzilla.”

I got the call right after Straight Outta Compton, and I was like I have to. Certain things you feel destined for. And Godzilla’s only happening because of the little kid version of O’Shea. Before Straight Outta Compton I was asked to list my five heroes, and Godzilla was one of them. Reporters constantly ask to list my five heroes and Godzilla’s one of them.”

So I’m loving it. I got to touch his skin the other day. It was a pretty big moment for me. So that’s as close as I’ll ever get. So it’s been fun. Taking pictures of the set – I mean, legally taking pictures of the set, and just having a ball on the biggest monster pay-per-view ever.”

O’Shea Jackson also gave his opinion on what, at the time of the interview, he believed was the coolest scene in the film:

Just to speak as a Godzilla fan for a minute, there’s no way in the world Ghidorah is supposed to be in the second movie, and I’m in it? I’m losing my mind, like anytime Ghidorah gets mentioned, I’m like, ‘No way. No way! He’s going down. He’s not going up’.”

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Film News – Keanu Reeves On John Wick 3

Keanu Reeves has had a resurgence as an action movie star thanks to his role as John Wick in the John Wick film franchise. The third film in this series is going to be released this year and, in an interview with a small group of journalists, Keanu Reeves had the chance to discuss John Wick 3.

John Wick 3

Keanu Reeves had this to say on how the skills he has learnt playing the part of John Wick have helped him in acting and real life:

It’s been really fun to be on a street and be in a store that people like, and sometimes love. That’s really nice. I love the character and I love the world. I don’t often times get to contribute to the story as much as I do with this project. Learning how to do that – learning how to collaborate with the writers, and with Chad, that’s been fun to explore. It’s great to have the voice to be able to do that.”

Keanu Reeves also discussed what he is most proud about when it comes to the John Wick franchise:

I would say it’s the blend of elements that it has. I think the way the action is and the world that’s created. I think the cinema of the series is really strong – you know, the framing, the the camera movement. I think the set design is really great. So, I think the film is really easy to watch. It’s beautiful.”

There’s a character that we root for, hopefully. He’s fighting for his life. They’re not insulting. The films are fun, but they’re smart. There’s humor, and action. Comedy. It has a unique tone, I think. So, you can tell I’m a fan. So, I would say those are the elements.”

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TV News – Chloe Sevigny Discusses The Act

The first season of The Act was recently released on Hulu and it is a true crime TV series whose cast includes Patricia Arquette, Calum Worthy, AnnaSophia Robb, Joey King and Chloe Sevigny. Chloe Sevigny, who plays Mel in The Act, gave an interview to Collider and The Act was a big topic of conversation.

The Act

Here is what Chloe Sevigny had to say on whether she knew what The Act was based on:

When this came my way, yes, I knew what it was. And when I heard that Michelle [Dean] was one of the main writers and producers, I became even more intrigued because while watching Mommy Dead and Dearest, I was fascinated with her, as a journalist. I find that kind of journalism, where you’re going somewhere and spending time there, so interesting.”

Not that I’m dismissive of other kinds, but I spend so much time listening to different podcasts, like In the Dark and Serial, and that kind of immersive journalism, where you’re putting your life on hold to delve into the story to bring it to the public.”

In the documentary, you could see her enthusiasm, but also how she seemed titillated by it while also being very respectful and empathetic, and the dichotomy of the story, where you love and hate both of them.”

There was her passion for the story, and her complete immersion and how comprehensive it was, because of the work that she had done, and I was like, ‘If she is gonna be a part of telling this story, then I’m in.’ And then, there was Patricia [Arquette], and the other talent they had.”

There were also three female directors attached. Just knowing that a big concern for Nick, as a showrunner and producer, is having a lot of female directors and giving lots of opportunity to young filmmakers, it was the complete package.”

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