Star Wars Rebels: Season 3 Episode 16 (Television Review) – A Good Continuation of Sabine’s Arc

It has been one month since the last episode of Star Wars Rebels which itself ranked among the best of this season, and the television show as a whole, so far. Moreover, it raised our expectations for the remaining episodes of this season and made the wait for this latest episode, titled ‘Legacy of Mandalore’, even more arduous, especially as we would begin where we left off last episode and continue Sabine’s story.

My Thoughts on ‘Legacy of Mandalore’

While I would say that this episode is a step-down from ‘Trials of the Darksaber’, it is still a good episode that continues Sabine’s arc in a compelling way. Certainly, this episode delves deeper into Sabine’s tumultuous relationship with her family by introducing her mother, Countess Ursa, and her brother, Tristan. This provided us some with some intriguing insight into how Sabine’s actions really affected her family and their status on Mandalore.

Countess Ursa and Sabine Wren in Star Wars Rebels Season 3 Episode 16 Legacy of Mandalore

Furthermore, learning more about the politics of Mandalore was another strong element of this episode. Indeed, Mandalore and Mandalorian culture has provided us with some of the strongest stories within the Star Wars universe, especially in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. I believe that the legacy of The Clone Wars episodes which focused on Mandalore will play a big part in Sabine’s story going forward in Rebels.

Who will rule Mandalore?

Mandalorians in Star Wars Rebels Season 3 Episode 16 Legacy of Mandalore

Indeed, this episode ends with Sabine staying on Mandalore in order to search for a new leader who will unite all of Mandalore. This is me speculating, but I believe that leader will be Bo Katan. Bo Katan was a character that was first introduced in The Clone Wars and she is the sister of Satine Kryze who once ruled Mandalore. Her family ties to Mandalorian leadership and her strength as a character make her an obvious choice to unite the clans of Mandalore. Regardless of my theories, I am sure we are in for something special as we edge closer to the end of this season of Star Wars Rebels.