Bohemian Rhapsody (Film/Movie Review) – Good Movie, Poor Biopic

Bohemian Rhapsody is a “biopic” about iconic British rock band Queen that was mostly directed by Bryan Singer. Rami Malek stars in the lead role as Freddie Mercury with a supporting cast that includes Mike Myers, Tom Hollander, Aidan Gillen, Allen Leech, Ben Hardy, Joe Mazzello, Gwilym Lee and Lucy Boynton.

The story of the film focuses on the rise of Queen, their successes and their struggles which all culminates in their historic performance at Live Aid in 1985. Naturally, Freddie Mercury is the focal point of the story told in Bohemian Rhapsody.

My Expectation For Bohemian Rhapsody

I was extremely nervous going into Bohemian Rhapsody because, from the mixed reviews, my fears about this film looked to be confirmed. My fears about Bohemian Rhapsody were purely related to how realistic the portrayal of Queen would be.

A good amount of the reviews stated that this movie was very safe in its portrayal of Queen to the point where it over-glorified the band rather than showing both the good and bad of the band as well as Freddie Mercury.

Still, the music sequences and Rami Malek’s performance seemed to be the things that were universally praised which pleased me. Indeed, judging from the reviews, it seemed that Rami Malek was already guaranteed to be Oscar nominated for Best Actor.

With all of this in mind, I was expecting to be entertained even if I found problems with the narrative of this biopic and how true it would be to the history of Queen.

My Thoughts On Bohemian Rhapsody

So, Rami Malek is a lock for a Best Actor Oscar nomination. He is the entire reason Bohemian Rhapsody succeeds as much as it does. For what it is from an entertainment perspective, the film is good. However, it is a poor biopic.

I completely understand that all biopics are going to take minor liberties with the truth to craft a more compelling narrative. Moreover, with Queen band members Brian May and Roger Taylor being consultants on the movie, it is also understandable that they would not want to put themselves and the band in a bad light.

However, major, unforgivable liberties are taken in Bohemian Rhapsody to a point of disrespect. The HIV diagnosis of Freddie Mercury, the most important moment in the history of Queen, is changed for greater dramatic effect.

In real-life, Freddie Mercury was diagnosed with HIV in 1987 but, in Bohemian Rhapsody, the diagnosis happens in 1985, before Queen play at Live Aid. In my eyes, this decision to change history is unforgivable and completely ruins any argument for Bohemian Rhapsody being a good biopic.

On top of the rose-tinted glasses look at Queen in this movie, I was left longing for a more in-depth, accurate and mature story about Queen and the life of Freddie Mercury.

The Positives Of Bohemian Rhapsody

But, if I ignore all of this and just purely focus on what Bohemian Rhapsody is trying to do from an entertainment standpoint, it succeeds. As I said earlier, Rami Malek gives a phenomenal performance that carries this film and the entire cast around him were really good too.

However, like Freddie Mercury in real-life, Rami Malek’s star shines brightest in Bohemian Rhapsody and the whole movie soars in the music sequences with the pinnacle coming at the end with Live Aid.

I have complained about accuracy of events in this film but Live Aid was brought to life to in such an incredible and faithful way that I could not help but be moved, especially when ‘Radio Ga Ga‘, my favourite Queen song, started to play.

My Final Thoughts On Bohemian Rhapsody

So, as you can see, I have mixed feelings about Bohemian Rhapsody and I will reiterate that it is a good, entertaining film and, at the same time, a poor biopic. Rami Malek and the music sequences are the reasons you see this film and it is obvious that he will be Oscar nominated for Best Actor. So, if you are an Oscar junkie, then you should see Bohemian Rhapsody.

Bohemian Rhapsody Film Review


A Star Is Born (Film/Movie Review) – An Early Oscar Contender

A Star Is Born is a musical romantic drama directed, produced and co-wrote by Bradley Cooper. This film is the third remake of the original 1937 movie of the same name and it stars Anthony Ramos, Andrew Dice Clay, Dave Chapelle, Sam Elliot, Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. Gaga and Cooper play the lead roles of Ally and Jackson Maine respectively.

The story of A Star Is Born focuses on Jackson Maine, a popular, established but hard-drinking musician whose is on a downward spiral. He meets Ally, a young, undiscovered singer who he sees a lot of potential in. The two develop a romantic relationship as Jackson attempts to bring Ally into the spotlight and make her a star in the music industry.

My Expectation For A Star Is Born

Any film that receives universal acclaim coming out of a premiere at any film festival is going to grab my attention and raise my expectations. A Star Is Born was praised to a degree that I had not seen since La La Land.

With this in mind, I had to be careful with my hopes for this movie because of La La Land. Indeed, La La Land was a film which I thought was good but I was left slightly underwhelmed by it. This was because there was a difference between the critical reaction, which deemed it to be one of the best movies of the decade so far, and the actual quality of that film in my eyes.

Instead of going into A Star Is Born thinking that it was going to be a phenomenal movie, I believed that it would just be a good film. Nothing more, nothing less. I was interested to see how capable Bradley Cooper would be as a first-time director and for me to see Lady Gaga as an actress for the first time would be fascinating to experience.

Every review for A Star Is Born proclaimed that it was a guarantee for a Best Picture nomination at the 2019 Oscars. Whether I would come to this same conclusion was a difficult thing to predict given how, to some extent, I was burned by La La Land.

My Thoughts On A Star Is Born

My cinematic experience with A Star Is Born was a bit tainted because I unknowingly went into a screening for the Hard of Hearing which meant that there were subtitles. Consequently, it was harder to focus on the film when there were lines of dialogue coming up on the bottom of the screen, sometimes before the words had actually been spoken.

Still, that slight annoyance did not to do much to deter how much I liked the movie and the more I think about A Star Is Born, the more I like it. It is a very good film flowing with heart and soul thanks to brilliant performances and superb songs.

It is early days in this Oscar season and there are still plenty of movies to see in the coming months. However, I would be extremely surprised if Bradley Cooper, Lady Gaga and Sam Harris do not end up getting nominated for Oscars in the categories of Best Actor, Best Actress and Best Supporting Actor respectively.

They are all exceptional in A Star Is Born and the emotional impact this film has, especially in the third act, is solely down to how great the relationships are. The chemistry between both Cooper/Gaga and Cooper/Harris are the foundation for the success of this movie.

Bradley Cooper deserves a lot of credit for this as it is not an easy thing to do, especially in a film that is your directorial debut. Because of this, he has a chance of getting an Oscar nomination for Best Director too.

The Music In A Star Is Born

Clearly, in a movie like A Star Is Born, the quality of the music is going to be incredibly important for the quality of the film and, as I previously stated, the songs in A Star Is Born are superb. Indeed, I would have no problem if ‘Maybe It’s Time’, ‘Shallow’, ‘Always Remember Us This Way’, ‘Is That Alright?’ and ‘I’ll Never Love Again’ made up all the nominations for Best Original Song at the 2019 Oscars.

That is not going to happen though. For me, ‘Shallow’ and ‘Always Remember Us This Way’ were the standout songs in A Star Is Born and every time that Ally sings in this movie, I defy anyone to not be enraptured and swept away in the story.

I also liked the commentary on the modern music industry in this film as we see an artist like Ally slowly become a product rather than a storyteller. It made for some interesting story beats and character moments.

My Final Thoughts On A Star Is Born

If I had to pick out faults in A Star Is Born, I would say that the pacing is a bit inconsistent and there was one important story moment for Ally and Jackson that came out of nowhere and it felt a bit rushed. This slightly sullied the quality of the story in this film but not to a degree where it severely lessened my overall admiration for it.

I am confident in saying that A Star Is Born is an early contender for a Best Picture Oscar nomination. Nonetheless, it is too soon to say that it will win and/or if it is my personal choice to win Best Picture because there are still plenty more films to come out in the coming months that could also be Oscar contenders.

All I will say is that I find it unlikely that someone watches A Star Is Born and does not at least think the film is decent because there is a lot to admire in it.

A Star Is Born Film Movie Review Pin


Patti Cake$ (Film Review) – A Modern 8 Mile

Patti Cake$ is a drama directed by Geremy Jaspar and stars Bridget Everett, Siddharth Dhananjay, Mamoudou Athie, Cathy Moriaty and Danielle Macdonald. The story focuses on Patricia “Dumbo” Dombrowski (Danielle Macdonald), a plus-sized white girl from New Jersey who is on a journey to make it as a rapper and escape from poverty.

My Knowledge and Expectation of Patti Cake$

I first heard of this film after its premiere at Sundance Film Festival in January 2017 and it got a great reception. Comparisons were made with the film 8 Mile due to its similar subject nature and praise was heaped on Danielle Macdonald for her lead performance. Indeed, it was considered to be a breakout role for her. I always want to see a film that will be inspirational and I had high hopes that Patti Cake$ would achieve this.

Danielle Macdonald as Patti, Siddharth Dhananjay as Jheri and Mamoudou Athie as Basterd in Patti Cake$

My Thoughts on Patti Cake$

Certainly, I would view Patti Cake$ as a modern version of 8 Mile. While I believe that 8 Mile is a better film, I really enjoyed Patti Cake$ and found the story to be very engaging. The main reason why Patti Cake$ delivers is because of the central performance by Danielle Macdonald. Her performance was fantastic, especially when you consider that her acting career is still in its infancy. She is definitely someone to keep an eye on in the future and I hope that Patti Cake$ will open the door for more opportunities for this actress.

The supporting characters around Danielle Macdonald were also very compelling. They served the story and the journey of Macdonald’s character extremely well. Additionally, the pacing of Patti Cake$ was just right. I was never bored during the film and the music in Patti Cake$ also helped in that regard. There were a lot of songs that were very catchy and the fact that they were original was also a bonus. It reminded me of films such as Begin Again and Sing Street which also had great, original music and it is never a bad thing to be compared to those films.

Danielle Macdonald as Patti and Siddharth Dhananjay as Jheri in Patti Cake$

Obviously, a film such as Patti Cake$ is not going to get a massive amount of publicity due to how small and independent it is compared to blockbuster films. Still, if you are looking for a compelling, inspiring story then I would absolutely recommend that you see Patti Cake$ when you can. I feel as though anyone can enjoy this film, especially if you are a fan of 8 Mile. Just do not expect Patti Cake$ to be better than 8 Mile.

Baby Driver (Film Review) – Original and Stylish

Baby Driver is an action film written and directed by Edgar Wright and stars Kevin SpaceyLily JamesJon BernthalEiza GonzálezJon HammJamie Foxx and Ansel Elgort. The story of the film focuses on Baby (Ansel Elgort), a getaway driver who reluctantly works for veteran kingpin Doc (Kevin Spacey) in exchange for the start of a better life which he wants to share with Debora (Lily James).

My Knowledge and Expectation of Baby Driver

Baby Driver is the first film that I have seen at the cinema since Wonder Woman and I was looking forward to seeing it. Certainly, it has been receiving a lot of buzz since its world premiere at South by Southwest in March 2017. More recently, the film has been praised by critics for its soundtrack, originality and performances by Ansel Elgort and Jamie Foxx.

While all of this raised my expectations, the main reason why Baby Driver was such a highly anticipated film for myself was because of Edgar Wright. Now, to be honest, I have not loved all of his films. Indeed, I found Shaun of the Dead and At World’s End to be a bit underwhelming. However, I adore Hot Fuzz and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. I did not know what side Baby Driver would fall on but I was hoping for the best because Edgar Wright is a special director who deserves to be supported.

Ansel Elgort as Baby in Baby Driver

My Thoughts on Baby Driver

Overall, I prefer Baby Driver to Shaun of the Dead and At World’s End but it does not quite reach the same level of quality as Hot Fuzz and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. There are many things to admire in this very good film that has a great blend of originality and style.

For one, I thought that the performances in this Baby Driver were great. All the cast members did a wonderful job and Ansel Elgort performed very well in the lead role of Baby. His chemistry with Lily James was very natural and the relationship that Baby had with his foster Dad was especially heartfelt.

Lily James and Ansel Elgort as Debora and Baby in Baby Driver

The Music of Baby Driver

Jamie Foxx and Kevin Spacey were also standouts in a film where the music is such a pivotal reason for how good it is. I loved how the soundtrack is so embedded into the pacing of Baby Driver and it essentially becomes its own character in the film. In this regard, I must give a lot of credit to Edgar Wright for achieving what I can only imagine was an extremely difficult thing to accomplish. This is due to the attention to detail that would have been required for this to succeed to the degree that it did.

The film flows nicely because of this. For me, the only thing that comes close to how pivotal the music is to the pacing and style of Baby Driver in recent memory is a video game called Sunset Overdrive. Obviously, the use of music gives the film an extremely unique and original quality to it. In fact, the originality of Baby Driver reminded me of The Nice Guys and I just hope that more people will see original films like these ones.

Jon Hamm, Eiza Gonzalez, Jamie Foxx, Ansel Elgort as Buddy, Darling, Bats and Baby in Baby Driver

Undoubtedly, Baby Driver ranks amongst the best films that 2017 has offered so far. Moreover, its qualities also elevate it above some previous Edgar Wright films. The only thing that prevents this film from being on the same level as Hot Fuzz and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is that I found the humour in those films to be better. Still, Baby Driver is funny at times so if you want to be thoroughly entertained and support original filmmaking, then I implore you to see Baby Driver because we need films such as this one to freshen up the film industry.

Moana (Film Review) – A Vibrant Delight

Moana is an animated film produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios and directed by Ron Clements and John Musker. It is the 56th Disney animated feature film and features the voices of Rachel HouseTemuera MorrisonJemaine ClementNicole ScherzingerAlan Tudyk, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Auli’i Cravalho. Cravalho actually makes her feature film debut in Moana. The story of Moana focuses on, you guessed it, Moana (Auli’i Cravalho), a determined girl who is set to become chief of her Polynesian tribe. But, she is chosen by the sea to return a mystical relic to a goddess so she can save her island. To do this, she must enlist the help of demigod Maui (Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson).

My Knowledge and Expectation of Moana

Moana was a film that I missed seeing when it came out in cinemas last year. I was really annoyed about this because I love animated films, especially when it comes to the recent offerings by Disney in animated films such as Wreck-It Ralph, Big Hero 6 and Zootopia/Zootropolis. I had heard a lot of great things about Moana and was expecting great things from the film, especially as Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson voices one of the lead characters in this film. I love ‘The Rock’ and Moana seems like just another step in his seemingly unstoppable march towards world domination.

Moana and Maui in Moana

My Thoughts on Moana

I really enjoyed Moana. While I do not rank it amongst my favourite Disney animated films, it is a very good film that is full of heart. One of the elements of the film that hugely impressed me was the animation. I loved the blend of computer animation and hand-drawn animation that was used to illustrate Maui’s tattoos that came to life. Additionally, the colour palette in Moana is stunning. This enhanced the style of the animation that is beautiful to look at.

The lore of Moana was very cool. It draws heavily from Polynesian mythology and I thought the film did a great job in terms of fleshing out the world and the characters within it. Certainly, Moana is a great character who is anything but one-dimensional. She is strong, assertive and inspirational. Moreover, her relationship with Maui was extremely entertaining and, at times, poignant. I give a lot of credit to Auli’i Cravalho and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson in bringing these two characters to life.

Te Kā in Moana

The Music of Moana

The music in Moana was, for the most part, great. Lin Manuel-Miranda had a huge hand in writing the songs and crafting the score for this film and there are a lot of things to admire when it comes to this aspect of the film. ‘How Far I’ll Go’ and ‘You’re Welcome’ were my favourite songs but I also appreciated how Polynesian vocals were interwoven into the music of Moana. However, I could have done without ‘Shiny’ which was performed by Tamatoa, a giant crab.

In fact, I could have done without Tamatoa all together. To me, his scene in the film was the weakest part of Moana. Also, the structure of the film was very formulaic which prevents Moana from being one of my favourite animated Disney films. But, the film is a very good watch with a lot of great qualities and I highly recommend that you check it out when you have the time.

13 Reasons Why Season 1 (Television Review) – Important, Powerful Television

13 Reasons Why is a television series developed by Brian Yorkey for Netflix and executive produced by Tom McCarthy and Selena Gomez. Gomez was originally going to play the lead character in what would have been a film adaptation of 13 Reasons Why. However, that did not transpire; it was created as a TV show instead and it is based on the 2007 novel by Jay Asher. The story focuses on Hannah (Katherine Langford), a high-school student who kills herself after an accumulation of traumatic failures, brought on by select individuals within their school, including Clay (Dylan Minnette), a shy, introverted classmate of Hannah.

My Knowledge and Expectation of Season 1 of 13 Reasons Why

I did not know anything about 13 Reasons Why until a couple of weeks ago when it became a phenomenon. Everyone was talking about it whether it was on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube; it was being praised across the board and it made me want to watch it as soon as possible. From reading the synopsis, I knew that this was going to be a show which dealt with very serious, deep issues such as suicide, mental health, bullying and cyber-bullying. I was interested to see how well 13 Reasons Why would handle them.

Dylan Minnette and Katherine Langford in 13 Reasons Why

My Thoughts on Season 1 of 13 Reasons Why

This is one of the best seasons of television that I have watched in a long time. One of the many things that impressed me about 13 Reasons Why was the performances of the young, diverse cast. Certainly, Katherine Langford and Dylan Minnette are brilliant as Hannah and Clay. They show immense range in their acting and they had great chemistry together which makes their relationship believable. You really connect with these two characters and deeply care about them as the show progresses. I really liked Christian Navarro’s portrayal of Tony who was one of my favourite characters along with Clay and Jeff (Brandon Larracuente). Brandon Flynn also gave a layered performance as Justin.

In fact, every character in 13 Reasons Why is layered. No one in this show is a superficial stereotype. It may seem that way at the beginning. But, as all great shows do, the characters are fleshed out and developed to a point where you are invested in every person in the show, even the ones you don’t like (*cough* Courtney *cough*). They feel like real people. As a collective, the young cast achieved the difficult feat of outshining the adult actors in the show who themselves were very good, especially Kate Walsh who played Hannah’s mother.

Dylan Minnette and Christian Navarro in 13 Reasons Why

Mature and Respectful

13 Reasons Why brilliantly deals with its heavy themes with a remarkable deal of maturity, grace and respect. It could have been very easy for the show to have an overbearing message or have an abundance of clichés. Instead, 13 Reasons Why is sensitive and authentic in portraying themes such as suicide, mental health and the struggle of adolescence in an extremely powerful way. There are many times where this show is difficult to watch, especially in the later episodes, but it is never offensive or exploitative.

A lot of this is down to brilliant storytelling. Each episode focuses on one side of the tapes that Clay listens to and, through this, each episode tells us something new about Hannah, Clay and/or the other characters/relationships in the show. The story grips you from the beginning, it never lets go and it will stick with you well after it is over.

Hannah and Clay in 13 Reasons Why

I also appreciated how, after Hannah’s death, Clay’s life is shot with a blue lens whereas, in the flashbacks where Hannah is alive, Clay’s memories are shot in lens’ of bright, warm colours. I appreciated that subtle cinematography. Additionally, the use of music in 13 Reasons Why is fantastic. The music ranges in songs from the 80s to obscure indie bands and it really added to a lot of the emotional moments in the show.

Overall, I am extremely confident that 13 Reasons Why will help millions of people dealing with hardships in their life, especially millennials who can relate to a lot of what the show deals with. I also think it can be informative for older generations of people. There is something for everyone in this show and it has a lot of great qualities which helps it rank amongst shows such as Freaks and Geeks as one of the best high-school dramas ever made. Moreover, unlike Freaks and Geeks, I feel like 13 Reasons Why will be given the chance to continue its story in a second season as a lot of things are left unresolved and I am eager for more.

La La Land (Film Review) – Bittersweet But Good

La La Land is a musical directed by Damien Chazelle and stars Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling and John Legend. The plot of the film centres on Mia, an inspiring actress played by Emma Stone, and Seb, a struggling jazz musician played by Ryan Gosling. They meet and fall in love in Los Angeles and try to find the balance of maintaining their relationship and achieving their dreams and ambitions.

My Knowledge and Expectation of La La Land

This has been one of the most critically acclaimed films to have come out in recent memory. Truly, the critics/film pundits who I trust have all praised La La Land with aspects of the film such as the cinematography and the performances of Stone and Gosling in particular being heavily lauded.

As a result, this is a film which has been championed as potential sweeping all the awards at the Oscars this year. Musicals are a genre of film I am not well versed in. So, the main reason why I was interested in seeing La La Land, apart from the great reviews, was because of Damien Chazelle.

Damien Chazelle is a relatively new director within the film industry. He made his breakthrough in 2014 with his second directorial effort in Whiplash, a film that I think is absolutely brilliant. Because of this, I was excited to see what he could accomplish with La La Land.

Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling in La La Land

Additionally, the fact that Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling were the leads in this film is never a bad thing to have as they are both extremely talented and have proved that they have great chemistry as we witnessed in Crazy Stupid Love. Consequently, I went into La La Land with high expectations.

My Thoughts on La La Land

While I would say that these expectations were not fully met, I will say that La La Land is a good film and there were things I liked. For one, Stone and Gosling give good performances and they had really good chemistry in the film. I also thought that this film was beautifully shot and paints a lovely if not idealistic portrait of Los Angeles.

I also appreciated the ending of La La Land which, while bittersweet, was a fitting way to end the film but I understand if people didn’t like the ending as it is not the traditional happy ending. For me, it worked well but, that being said, I do not think the film is the masterpiece that a lot of people think it is because it has some flaws.

Another Day of Sun in La La Land

The Flaws of La La Land

For instance, I thought that the film could have been trimmed by 5-10 minutes to improve the pacing and I would have liked the musical numbers to have been spread out a bit more. For me, it felt like the musical numbers, while good, were mostly in the first act of the film. La La Land would have been better if we had a few more musical numbers in the second and third act.

Overall, La La Land is a good film with catchy musical numbers, beautiful cinematography and good chemistry between Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling. However, it does have flaws in regards to its pacing and placement of the musical numbers which prevents it from, in my eyes, being the masterpiece that a lot of people consider it to be.

American Honey (Film Review) – Weird, Rewarding At Times But A Bit Of A Muddled Slog

American Honey is a drama directed by Andrea Arnold which stars Sasha Lane and Shia LaBeouf in leading roles. Lane plays the character of Star, an impoverished teenager who joins a group of misfits travelling across the United States selling magazines by any means necessary in order to survive and live. LaBeouf plays Jake, who is Lane’s eccentric, cocky mentor and love interest.

My Knowledge and Expectation of American Honey

This was a film which had gained quite a bit of buzz coming out of Cannes and Toronto Film Festival. Indeed, it won Cannes Film Festival’s Jury Prize, with particular praise going towards Sasha Lane’s performance in the film. Moreover, film critics/pundits whose views I highly respect and admire found American Honey to be a very pleasant experience. As such, I was keen on seeing this film.

Sasha and Shia in American Honey on top of a Van

My Thoughts on American Honey

On the whole, I found the film to be weird but enjoyable in parts. Certainly, Lane and LaBeouf are very charismatic and captivating in the film. Remarkably, this is Lane’s debut in a film although you would never suspect that while you’re watching American Honey as her performance is that impressive and believable. If she can keep up this standard of acting then she has a very promising career in front of her. Her relationship with LaBeouf was one of the most engrossing in the film.

Still, where American Honey really shines is with its use of music which is an intrinsic part of the story-telling. The soundtrack has songs from a great variety of genres and this gives the film character, especially when it is used when the group is together.  In fact, one scene in American Honey strongly reminded me of the scene in Almost Famous where the band Stillwater sing along to Elton John’s ‘Tiny Dancer’. It was my favourite scene of that film and the way it was echoed in American Honey is fantastic, especially as it showed the camaraderie within the group.

Indeed, the best parts of American Honey where when the whole crew were together and sharing stories and experiences with each other. It helped us form a bond with them and I just wish that the film focused more on the crew rather than constantly shifting to other elements of the film which, for me, held it back from reaching its full potential.

Teenagers in American Honey

The Flaws of American Honey

Truthfully, American Honey has a very loose flow which works for a while but this leads the film to become confused in tone.  Ultimately, this meant that the film took risks with its story and not all of them paid off. There were some unnecessary parts in American Honey which could have been cut out to make the story tighter and keep the tone consistent. Moreover, it would have reduced the running time which, for a film like this, is too long and expects a lot of patience from its audience.

Because of this, some will find this film to be a bit boring and plodding. However, there are enough enjoyable elements and ideas within the film to make this experience worthwhile. American Honey is not for everyone but you can find elements in the film that will keep you engaged. Whether it be the music, the performances, the interactions between the group or perhaps the harsh look at American life for the underprivileged, you can find a lot of good things within American Honey which ultimately means that the viewing experience will be rewarding at its best and muddled at its worst.