TV News – Aidan Gillen Discusses Project Blue Book

Aidan Gillen has made a great career for himself in the television industry. Indeed, he had prominent roles in The Wire and Game of Thrones which are two HBO TV shows that are in the discussion for being amongst the best television shows ever made.

Aidan Gillen has a leading role in a new TV series called Project Blue Book and, in an interview with Collider, Aidan Gillen had the chance to speak about Project Blue Book.

Project Blue Book

Aidan Gillen said this on the fascinating subject matter:

Look, I’m familiar enough with the subject and the era, and I thought it was quite fascinating. I did want to have a conversation with the showrunners to see what their vision for it was and to see if it was a script that was gonna be shot. It was worth having those conversations, since things have changed.”

Generally, my feeling on things are quite instinctive. One read of something, if it’s read out loud, can give you a fair idea of whether you’ve gotta work on it, or whether you’re the right person for it or not. It was certainly the type of thing that I was looking to do, playing a warm positive character, as opposed to a cool, cynical, conniving character.”

Aidan Gillen also discussed whether he would want to return to Project Blue Book in the future:

I’d like to think so. That was certainly the plan, at the outset. I always like trying to find some space in there for those moments where it’s not all about the action or the plot, or moving the story along. I know that it’s an episodic drama that has a story pretty much every week. Some of them are split over two weeks.”

But there are over-arching sides to it, and I’m always interested in knowing what people are doing when they’re not pushing the story. I think there’s a way to go with Hynek and what you can do with him, and the sides of him that you can show. So, that’s part of the plan, yeah.”

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TV News – Bradley Whitford On Valley of the Boom + The West Wing

Bradley Whitford has a starring role in the new TV show Valley of the Boom and he is no stranger to working in the television industry which is evident with his roles in shows such as The West Wing. In an interview with Collider, Bradley Whitford had the opportunity to discuss both Valley of the Boom and The West Wing.

Valley of the Boom

Bradley Whitford had this to say on reading the script for Valley of the Boom and what it was like to work on this show:

When I read the script, I was incredibly excited about it. You have no idea, when a director is trying to do something this cutting edge and joyous, if it’s gonna work, at all, and it turned out to really be a lot of fun.”

It’s a way of telling a story that resonates with the story that it’s telling. There was a wild mish-mash of forces coming together. It was the Wild West with high stakes. You were either gonna be Bill Gates, or you were gonna be taking a shower in a parking lot.”

The West Wing

Bradley Whitford also spoke about whether he would want to be involved in a revival of The West Wing:

I think a number of us have, at different times, pitched a similar idea. Aaron [Sorkin] is a smart guy. He’s wisely cautious and hesitant to go back to what was such a wonderful experience.”

This current presidency actually makes it more difficult to do our show, for a lot of reasons, but I walk around constantly knowing that, while it was certainly time for us to end The West Wing, the show could have continued creatively, just because there is an infinite arena of possibilities.”

The good news is that all of us love each other. It feels like a family. As the years go by, we have even more appreciation for our good fortune to be part of a creative and cultural experience like that. I would do yard work for him. I would do anything. But, it’s dangerous. You don’t want to mess it up.”

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TV News – Nic Pizzolatto + Mahershala Ali On True Detective Season 3

Season 3 of True Detective looks like a return to form for this television series. Season 1 was praised but Season 2 was underwhelming for a lot of people. However, from the reviews, Season 3 seems like a step in the right direction for this TV show. At a press conference for the new season, True Detective creator Nic Pizzolatto and Mahershala Ali discussed this third season of True Detective.

Nic Pizzolatto

Here is what Nic Pizzolatto had to say on what differentiates Season 3 of True Detective from previous seasons:

Maybe the focus on character and the intertwining of timelines. It’s a much, much more complicated structural thing that we tried to do this year, than existed in Season 1, while having some familiarity with Season 1, the way that you had these two timelines that then merged.”

And we wanted to go to a lesser known part of the country, to a place that’s mysterious, not only in its landscape, but people don’t know very much about it. There’s a tone and a texture in common, but I feel like this one has a lot more light in it than previous seasons, and it reaches for hope a bit more. I’m not even sure this is properly noir, given where it goes.”

Mahershala Ali

Mahershala Ali explained why he wanted to take on this project given his busy schedule:

I grew up in television. What I mean by that is that I was very fortunate to book a pilot, a few months out of school. That was in a time where, once you’re in TV, you stayed in TV. You didn’t get to do film. I came out of school in 2000, and I booked (the NBC series) Crossing Jordan in January or February of 2001.”

So, my relationship with television has been ongoing, having always aspired to have a blossoming film career. That’s how you would prioritize things. But over time, I found that it’s less about the medium and way more about the quality of the material. This was just a 500-page film that happens to be captured on television.”

The gift of having an opportunity to sit in the body and be in the bones of a character like Wayne Hays, as an exercise for an actor, I know that I’m a better man, a better actor, and a better husband and father, as a result of my six and a half months playing this part.”

To do this type of material and to be that close to it, it requires you to process, reflect and think about the world and people, in a way that goes beyond how you would normally do that because I’m spending so much time in the bones of another person.”

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Film News – Composer Justin Hurwitz On First Man

Director Damien Chazelle and composer Justin Hurwitz collaborated together on the critically acclaimed film La La Land and they reunited to work together on First Man. The score for First Man has received a lot of praise and, in an exclusive interview with Collider, Justin Hurwitz had the opportunity to discuss First Man.

First Man

Justin Hurwitz said this on when he first heard about First Man:

I heard about it early on. In fact, I know the reason he first sat down with Ryan Gosling was to pitch him on this Neil Armstrong movie before Ryan knew anything about La La Land, and it was in the course of that conversation that Ryan heard that Damien was also developing a musical and he was interested in that.”

So I knew way back then that Damien was developing the script with Josh Singer and he was getting with Ryan to talk about it. Then I didn’t think too much about it ’cause we were so busy making La La Land […] I would hear little bits and pieces about how it was coming along, but, again, I really wasn’t thinking about it too much. Damien would give me an early draft to read around that time, kind of half way through editing La La Land.”

Then it wasn’t until March of 2017 when Damien started like actually prepping First Man that I really got thinking about it and got working on it. I read another draft of the script that had progressed quite a bit. It was their pre-production draft at that point. So I read another draft and then started working on it with Damien at the time that he was doing his prep for location, costumes, cinematography and all that stuff.”

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TV News – Scott Grimes On The Orville Season 2

The Orville is a sci-fi television show whose first season was heavily inspired by Star Trek. Season 2 of The Orville is currently airing and, in an interview with Collider, Scott Grimes, who plays Lt. Gordon Molloy in this TV series, had the chance to discuss the second season of The Orville.

The Orville Season 2

Here is what Scott Grimes had to say on how fun it is to make The Orville and how big Season 2 is compared to Season 1:

It’s so funny, it’s a blast to make, getting the opportunity to live a child’s dream of pretending that you’re in space with creatures, and being on a spaceship, in general, but it’s the toughest job that I’ve had to do, as far as working with Seth [MacFarlane].”

You try to raise yourself to what he expects and wants and sees in the project, which is not easy, all the time. It’s tough, on that level, to try to make him happy. I’m not saying that he’s a tyrant. He’s terrific to work for, but he’s also a comedic genius.”

He’s trying to make a specific show and be taken seriously, at the same time, so that’s a fine line that we ride. But yes, it’s an absolute blast, on the fantasy side of when you were a kid who was pretending to be a spaceman.”

Season 2 is completely bigger. Even though the first couple of episodes didn’t really show that, it gets gargantuan soon. The great thing about doing Season 2 was our confidence.”

We knew that we had an audience, we knew we could get a little more dramatic and serious, and we knew that we could get a little tiny bit less goofy ‘cause we didn’t have to sell that anymore. We just knew what we were.”

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Film News – Scoot McNairy Discusses Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

With upcoming roles in True Detective Season 3 and the Quentin Tarantino film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Scoot McNairy is set to have a great 2019 when it comes to his career in the entertainment industry. In an interview with Collider, Scoot McNairy had the chance to speak about Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Scoot McNairy had this to say on working with Quentin Tarantino on Once Upon a Time in Hollywood:

I think this one definitely stands alone, within his expertise of making movies. Honestly, the experience on set was so great and so fascinating to me that what I got most out of it was the time that I was able to spend there, working with all them, and working with this tight knit crew. It was just great.”

I wish all movies were made the way that Quentin makes them. There’s a certain spirit on set, where everybody there wants to be there, and is excited to be there, and they love what they’re doing, and they’re excited about the project. That’s just really contagious. Also, his process and the way that he does it, I’ve never been on a set like that in my life.”

It feels like you’re making movies from the 1930’s. It the organic, raw, way of making films, where everything is in camera. He doesn’t even have a monitor. He just stares at you, next to the camera. It’s fascinating.”

[Once Upon a Time in Hollywood] was probably one of the greatest experiences of my career. Just to watch Quentin be on set and be Quentin, and hold court, was one of the most fascinating things I have probably ever experienced in the movie business. It was an amazing, awesome experience. I would give anything to do it again.”

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TV News – Jon Bokenkamp On The Blacklist Season 6

The Blacklist is into its sixth season and, throughout its run, this TV show has received positive reviews, especially when it comes to the performance by James Spader as Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington. One of the executive producers and writers of The Blacklist is Jon Bokenkamp and, in an interview with Collider, he had the chance to speak about Season 6 of The Blacklist.

The Blacklist Season 6

Here is what Jon Bokenkamp had to say on what life in prison will look like for Raymond Reddington:

Oh, dear god, it’s not anything that we’ve seen before. To begin with, Reddington is cut off from his resources. He’s cut off from the various people who are his allies, and he’s forced to navigate a world that even he has never experienced before.”

And yet, the one thing that I think is important to point out is that, if there was anybody who could look at being incarcerated as a challenge and find the joy in it, it would be Raymond Reddington. He lives life to the fullest, in every experience, no matter how dire, and he embraces it.”

I don’t want to give the impression that it’s going to be a dark, gloomy season, although we certainly are capable of going dark and gloomy. The way in which he embraces this newfound situation that he finds himself in is going to be compelling, to say the least.”

I’ve talked to James about it, and I remember him telling me, ‘Red’s a guy who might die, at any moment.’ He’s in incredible situations, and he never knows what day might be his last, and that really influences the way in which he lives.”

It gives him this incredible freedom to embrace every new situation, as if it might be the last, and this season is certainly no different.”

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Film News – Screenwriter Christina Hodson On Bumblebee + Batgirl

Bumblebee is a Travis Knight directed film that has been a gift from the gods for many fans of the Transformers franchise. Indeed, these fans have been given a Transformers movie that ticks all the boxes for them. This is something that Michael Bay’s Transformers films did not do. The screenwriter for Bumblebee was Christina Hodson and, in an interview with Variety, she had the opportunity to discuss Bumblebee.


Here is what Christina Hodson had to say on how the idea for Bumblebee came to her:

In 2007, when Spielberg was doing the press tour for the first [Transformers] movie, I remember him saying that for him, Transformers was this very simple, very timeless notion of a boy and his car. I always thought that makes so much sense.”

I have very fond memories of when I was 12 and I got in my dad’s old BMW. I was washing it, and I remember turning the key in the ignition for the first time, and I wasn’t really meant to. You know that magical feeling when you’re a small person and you turn the key of this big hunk of metal? It just felt like the most magical, forgive me, but transformative thing.”

And I’ve always just loved the idea of taking that to the next level. Pretty early on, I knew I wanted to tell the story of two broken people who are healing each other. So the broken girl and the broken car kind of felt like a romantic notion.”


Christina Hodson also discussed how writing for Batgirl compares to writing for other DC characters like Harley Quinn:

I’m in the middle of falling in love with her. I always feel differently at the beginning, middle, and end […] Harley just feels like my crazy alter ego. When I’m feeling nuts, that’s what Harley is. And Batgirl…honestly it’s funny, there’s a little piece of me in every character I write. They start with me, and then they take on a life of their own. She’s been through so many iterations.”

There’s certain characteristics of hers that are always there that I’m excited to develop further. Whenever I’m writing a character who’s based on someone who’s existed in a previous form, whether it’s comics or a movie or anything, I always hope to bring something new to them and bring them to life in their own way, even if they fairly iconic like Harley Quinn or Batgirl.”

I think fans want the original, to be honest, but they also want to see something they haven’t seen before.”

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TV News – Jon Bernthal On The Punisher Season 2

Recently, Marvel Netflix television shows such as Luke Cage and Daredevil have been cancelled and it is expected that The Punisher will also be cancelled after Season 2 is released. Jon Bernthal reprises his role as Frank Castle for the second season of this superhero action TV series and, in a roundtable interview, he had the opportunity to discuss Season 2 of The Punisher.

The Punisher Season 2

Jon Bernthal had this to say on what message The Punisher has about the issue of gun violence:

I can’t speak for the show because I don’t write it. I think that you’d have to talk to Steve and to Marvel about that. For me, it’s a few things. Number one, art, when it’s done right, holds a mirror to society and makes you question it. And question yourself.”

You shouldn’t attempt to spoon feed answers or to preach. [Art should] make you look at yourself and hopefully present different sides to an argument and help make society or help make the viewer ask questions about the world in which they live in. I tend to try and avoid art that is preachy and tells you how to think.”

As far as I’m concerned, I think for so long now we’ve really gone through this thing in this country where a certain element has a stronghold and a monopoly on what it means to be strong or tough or masculine or patriotic, for that matter. For me, the great joy that I have in playing this role and other roles is where I got to pick soldiers and combat vets, and the guys that share their stories with me.”

To me, the mark of somebody who is strong, patriotic, tough is someone who has an open mind. Someone who is open to listening to all sides and not be steadfast and not be completely clinging to their own sense of, ‘This is what is right and this is what is wrong.’”

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Film News – Steve Coogan On Stan & Ollie

Steve Coogan and John C. Reilly are starring together in a biopic about iconic comedy duo Laurel & Hardy. The film is called Stan & Ollie and it is going to be released in UK cinemas very soon. So far, this movie has received positive reviews and, in an interview with Collider, Steve Coogan was given the chance to discuss Stan & Ollie.

Stan & Ollie

This is what Steve Coogan had to say on what motivated him to play Stan Laurel in Stan & Ollie:

I had written with Jeff Pope before. I wrote a film called Philomena with Jeff, and it was at the Oscars five years ago. Jeff and I had been writing lots of stuff, in between that. He was my writing partner, but he had written this by himself.”

He said, ‘Would you be interested in playing Stan?,’ and I heard that John C. Reilly was in the offering for Oliver. So, I thought, if John C. Reilly agreed, then I would be in. To me, a green light for me doing it would be if John agreed to it.”

And then, Jon S. Baird, the director, came and met me, talked to me, and had to decide whether he wanted me. I just started talking like Stan and doing an impersonation. Really, I just didn’t want anyone else to do it, although it was a bit of a responsibility.”

Also, anything you do, if you do interesting stuff, you’ve got to carry the risk of failure. Otherwise, you just play safe, all the time. If you’re creative, you can get very bored, very quickly, so you need to roll the dice, and I thought this was worthwhile.”

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