Star Wars Resistance: Season 1 Episode 11 (Television/TV Review) – A Good End To The First Half Of Season 1

The mid-season finales of Star Wars Rebels were usually some of the strongest episodes of that animated Star Wars TV show. Going into the mid-season finale of Star Wars Resistance Season 1, titled ‘Station Theta Black’, I was hoping that this trend would continue.

From the synopsis, this episode had everything going for it. This was due to the fact that the focus would be on The First Order/Resistance conflict with Kaz and Poe as our main protagonists in this episode of Resistance.

My Thoughts On Season 1 Episode 11 Of Star Wars Resistance

‘Station Theta Black’ was a good mid-season finale that should be looked upon as being one of the most important episodes of Star Wars Resistance. For one, this is because a good amount of the major players in the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy were involved in this episode of Resistance.

As I have already mentioned, Poe was heavily involved in ‘Station Theta Black’. However, we also got to see Captain Phasma have an expanded role in this episode of Resistance than we have previously seen which was cool.

Still, the biggest character that appeared in this mid-season finale was General Leia Organa. I liked the role she played in this episode of Resistance but I personally thought that the voice performance given by Carolyn Hennessy was mixed. Indeed, Leia appeared in two scenes in ‘Station Theta Black’.

In my opinion, I thought that the voice performance given by Carolyn Hennessy in the first scene Leia was in was pretty mediocre. However, Hennessy’s voice performance as Leia was much better in the second scene Leia was in. The mixed voice performance was probably my only real problem with ‘Station Theta Black’. I liked everything else.

The Story Of ‘Station Theta Black’

In ‘Station Theta Black’, Kaz and Poe investigate The First Order’s presence at a mining facility in the Unknown Regions. They were only able to do this thanks to Kaz’s work in the previous episode of Resistance. At this mining facility, they eventually discover that The First Order are mining materials which are used to create blasters.

To us as the audience, this was an obvious sign of the galactic invasion to come. Again, this is more evidence of the importance of this episode of Resistance. Additionally, because this show is set before the events of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, we also get to see an instance of Poe’s reckless, hot-shot pilot attitude.

Certainly, he is very willing to disobey Leia’s direct orders and it puts both himself and Kaz in considerable danger with Kaz almost losing his life on this mission. For me, it is little details like this which connect the television shows and the films in a great way.

My Final Thoughts On Season 1 Episode 11 Of Star Wars Resistance

So, overall, the roles of major Sequel Trilogy characters like Poe, Phasma and Leia as well as the focus on the wider First Order/Resistance conflict made ‘Station Theta Black’ a good and extremely relevant episode of Star Wars Resistance.

We are now at the halfway stage of Season 1 and, so far, I would say that Season 1 of Resistance is at a slightly better level of quality than Season 1 of Rebels. This only increases my excitement to see what happens in the second half of this season of Resistance.

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